Tulsi Gabbard Defends Daniel Penny’s Protector Instincts

John M Poltrack / shutterstock.com
John M Poltrack / shutterstock.com

Over the past month, the instincts and character of Marine veteran Daniel Penny have been dragged through the mud. Thankfully, there are a good number of those who are also coming to his aid.

If you remember correctly, Penny was the man who put recently deceased Jordan Neely in a chokehold on an NYC subway car on May 1. Neely died from the incident.

Naturally, there are those within the city, including corrupt Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who believe Penny’s actions are inexcusable and very punishable. The DA’s office charged Penny with second-degree manslaughter on May 11.

However, as more than a few have pointed out, Penny was only acting out the goodness of his heart and his vow to serve and protect the people of the United States.

Tulsi Gabbard, for instance, is defending Penny’s actions.

Like Penny, Gabbard is a military veteran and therefore understands that the mindset to protect and serve isn’t one that’s just apparent when you are wearing a uniform. Instead, it’s part of your life and who you are.

She explained that for all those who sign up to serve and protect, particularly those who did so following 9/11’s atrocities, that instinct to step up, to do what is needed, what is right, no matter the consequence, doesn’t just get tossed aside when the uniform comes off.

And it’s that instinct that came into play that day on the subway.

Neely boarded the car and soon began making threats, even mentioning words like “bullet” and “kill.” People were scared for their lives. As someone with the training and know-how to help, Penny and two others didn’t hesitate to step forward and protect those around them.

And for those actions, Penny is now being tried as a killer? For those like Gabbard, it’s unthinkable and not at all what he deserves. We can only hope that the jury agrees.