Leftist GA Mayor Lets Jailed Man Die of Neglect on His Watch

Skyward Kick Productions / shutterstock.com
Skyward Kick Productions / shutterstock.com

When people go to jail, you expect those in charge will ensure they are safe. Given the level of mayoral involvement in county jails (as opposed to state prisons), you would think a city with such a high homeless population like Atlanta would have great care. Yet as Lashawn Thompson lays dead, three Fulton County Jail staff members have resigned during an internal probe.

Thompson died in the County’s psychiatric wing following a declaration of mentally ill by state officials. He was supposed to be given medication that was not found in his body. Instead, they found that “the death of Mr. Lashawn Thompson resulted from severe neglect evidenced by untreated schizophrenia, poor living conditions, poor grooming, extensive and severe body insect infestation, dehydration, and rapid weight loss.”

Found unresponsive on the floor on September 13th, 2022, just three months after he was initially booked into the facility. Weighing in at 180 lbs when he checked in, his corpse weighed just 148 lbs. According to Fulton County’s medical examiner, there was a “severe bed bug infestation” but listed his death as undetermined. Meanwhile, Dr. Mitchell conducted a private autopsy and discovered over 1,000 bites with insects inside Thompson’s mouth, ears, and nose, in addition to those spread across his body.

As it stands, the city is already facing a terrible problem with far-left extremists occupying and destroying their planned police training center. Now with this news (nine months late), they have even more ammo to protest law enforcement in Atlanta.

Never mind the fact that the mayor who is responsible for the safekeeping of those arrested is a Democrat and a minority, BLM and other organizations are already trying to blame conservatives as well as white males. Then again with Kaepernick paying for the new autopsy, it’s no shocker he finds whitey at fault.