Sore Losers Seeking to Loosen the Constitutionally Conservative Grip of SCOTUS

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The purpose of the Supreme Court is to serve as the highest judicial authority in the United States and to interpret and apply the law. The Supreme Court’s primary function is to ensure that the laws and actions of the government comply with the Constitution. 

Through its decisions, the Supreme Court establishes legal precedents that guide lower courts and impact future cases. The Court’s rulings have the potential to influence the interpretation of laws, shape public policy, and safeguard individual rights and liberties.

When allowed to function without interference, SCOTUS serves as the ultimate arbiter of the law, safeguards the Constitution, and provides legal clarity and stability in the United States. 

But its decisions can have far-reaching consequences for society, addressing issues ranging from civil rights and freedom of speech to executive power and the scope of government authority. And its these decisions that have Democrats, who find the Constitution nothing more than an annoying and outdated document, outraged. 

At the heart of their discontent are three decisions that, while Constitutionally sound, are at odds with progressive principles. The first was declaring that a business had no obligation to perform services with people whose views morally challenge those of the employees and owners of the business.

The second was the decimation of the Biden argument for spending $430 billion for student loan forgiveness. And the last was abolishing affirmative action as a tool to racially discriminate in college admissions. 

The outcry is a predictable reaction by the left when things don’t go their way. Because the SCOTUS can no longer be a reliable weapon against the Constitution and conservative values, it must be destroyed. 

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had a rare moment of verbal clarity regarding recent rulings during an MSNBC interview.

“This is really, really important and I know the American people are really tracking this, as they should be. Dobbs decision, that was something that was decided on a year ago. Really took away the freedoms from women. I think about abortion, I think about reproductive rights. And that was unprecedented. Now you fast-forward to what we saw last week, affirmative action. Again, taking away important constitutional rights that have been in place for a long time.” 

The only solution is to destroy SCOTUS from the inside out, ensuring the Constitution becomes an unwanted piece of history, discarded and forgotten. The best weapon in the Democrat’s arsenal is “court packing.” 

“The Supreme Court is corrupt and continues to fail the people of this country,” Congresswoman Cori Bush (D-MO) tweeted. “Expand the court.” 

Senator Tina Smith (D-MN) agrees, saying, “People don’t have to live under constant fear of the Supreme Court. We can’t sit on our hands while these justices carry out the bidding of right-wing organizations. Expand the Court.” 

Expanding the court, or “court packing,” is a grey area.

While the Constitution never establishes an exact number of justices, the founding fathers certainly never meant for a political party to arbitrarily change those numbers to suit their agenda.

The ploy is designed to completely abolish the third branch of government. With no power in the SCOTUS to enforce its rulings, the party in charge could choose to stop abiding by the court’s rulings altogether. 

It creates an endless cycle of packing, with each party adding however many justices they need to keep the court unbalanced and unfocused on their constitutional duties. 

Targeted court-packing was a concept that former president Donald Trump ruled out during his presidency. Despite the left’s narratives, Trump did not “pack the court.” He was in a unique position to replace judges with his own picks, as was his duty at the time to fill vacancies.  

Moderate Democrats see the bigger picture and approach the subject of court packing with a more common-sense view. They understand that what comes around, goes around and the implications of expanding the court will come back to bite them when Republicans regain control of the White House.

It’s the same caution that keeps them out of the debates to end the filibuster. 

The only hope is that filling the court with justices who rule in their favor, regardless of the constitutionality of the decisions, will allow them to run amok and finish “fundamentally changing” America.

Barring that, progressives could introduce legislation to overturn the life-time appointments of justices, introducing terms instead. 

SCOTUS isn’t playing by any rule book progressives recognize, much less condone. SCOTUS blocks the liberal agenda repeatedly not because it is biased, but because the radical progressive worldview is not aligned with the founding principles of America.