Newest Answer for Bidenflation? Part-Time Jobs

Zhanna Hapanovich /
Zhanna Hapanovich /

Shortly after Joe Biden took over as President, the American economy started taking a turn for the worse. Ensuring our use of fossil fuels was immediately slashed, he set the pathway for the rampant inflation our nation now suffers from. In that timeframe, he and other liberals with special interest groups have left the printing presses running as he continues to print cash and send inflation exponentially higher.

With many employers refusing to offer full-time positions, many are resorting to part-time work. According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 133,196,000 Americans reported working full-time in December. That’s a significant drop from the 134,727,000 in November. Never willing to rest on their laurels, the number of Americans with part-time employment went up by 762,000, and an additional 222,000 Americans reported taking multiple jobs.

Peter Earle, an economist at the American Institute for Economic Research, painted a picture for the Daily Caller about our future and America: it’s bleak.

“The large and somewhat sudden shift from full-time to part-time work is alarming. That and the record number of individuals working multiple jobs is a major concern from the perspective of financial fragility, the sustainability of consumption, and tax receipts at the state and federal levels. There are now 8.69 million Americans with multiple jobs. What’s particularly troubling about this is that because in the vast majority of cases, a second or third job is off-the-books, the actual number of individuals with multiple jobs is probably much, much higher than the Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting.”

Given the number of illegals that Biden is intent on flooding the US with, Earle’s statement could prove to be more accurate than even the most conservative of financial experts could estimate. Mark your calendars, folks; we are living in the start of the end times if Biden doesn’t leave office. As many of these companies are forced to close up shop, the Biden regime will only destroy the nation further.