CVS to Cut 5,000 Jobs in Rip-Roaring Biden Economy

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Another 5,000 Americans are about to lose their jobs in America, thanks to Joe Biden’s rip-roaring economy. CVS Health will cut 5,000 corporate jobs soon. The company cites population shifts, consumer buying patterns, and future health needs as the reasons for the cuts. What CVS did not mention is that the economy just flat-out sucks with Joe Biden in office, and this is completely his fault.

Seriously, how does a pharmacy lose money after the COVID pandemic that lasted from 2020 until just recently? How does Joe Biden manage to goof even that sector of the economy up?

This comes on top of CVS’s ongoing plan to close 900 stores nationwide by the end of 2025, thanks to Joe Biden doing such a bang-up job with the economy. CVS announced it would start shutting down 300 stores per year in November of 2022, less than two full years into Joe Biden’s failed, fake, and illegitimate “presidency.”

CVS is reportedly going to share its quarterly earnings report soon. Industry experts don’t expect the news to be good, especially since the company is announcing right now that it’s laying off another 5,000 workers. They’re being offered severance packages, but that’s unlikely to do them much good since the number of new jobs opening up in the economy has been flat for the past three months in the disastrous Biden economy.

All of this is deliberate. The Democrats seized one of the hottest economies that America has ever seen when the 2020 election was stolen, and they have run it into the ground. The legitimately elected Trump administration had inflation stable at 0.1%, and new oil exploration was happening at every month. The unelected Biden regime has strangled energy development and inflation hasn’t been below 5% in more than two years. Stolen elections have consequences.