White House Puts a “Lid” on Biden’s Day Before Noon Despite World Chaos


At a time like this, when the world seems to be falling apart (quite literally, if you believe all the climate change talk), you’d think our leaders would be working overtime. And yet, Biden and his White House seem to be taking yet another afternoon off.

It happened on Monday, just a day after one of our nation’s most loyal and longstanding allies was attacked by terrorists.

That’s right, I’m talking about Hamas rocketing the hell out of Israel and pushing through borders to gun down civilians and military personnel alike. Oh, and did I mention a growing number of dead and injured Americans being found…

As I said, it’s when most leaders would go into overdrive. You know, making many calls, holding meetings, figuring out strategies, talking to the press, etc.

And yet, this is what we got Monday.

Fox White House Correspondent Jacqui Henrich posted, “The White House has called a lid before noon. We do not expect to see or hear from President Biden for the rest of the day.”

One of our allies is hurting, with rumors of other terrorist groups, such as Hezbollah, soon to add a second attack. Our southern border is quite literally being invaded. Our economy is in the dump. Crime has skyrocketed to the point that Chicago is now being called “Chiraq” because all the gunfire sounds more like Iraq than a US city. And don’t even get me started on the Ukraine/Russia war.

And yet, Biden is literally drawing the shades, turning off the lights, and sequestering himself to solitude?

As multiple people noted, it’s “disgusting,” not to mention humiliating.


The optimist in me would love to believe this “lid” is so Biden can hold those meetings, make calls, etc., behind closed doors. But the far more likely scenario is that he just hasn’t figured out how to respond.

The sooner we get this guy out of there, the better.