Homeless Massachusetts Man Shows What’s Wrong With “Sanctuary Cities”

Brian Eichhorn / shutterstock.com
Brian Eichhorn / shutterstock.com

After over a year of debate over the issue, Massachusetts officials still don’t have a good idea about how to handle their ever-flowing incoming stream of illegals. Brought to the state in response to their numerous “Sanctuary Cities” and their statewide right-to-shelter laws, it has made it into the perfect place to call home.

However, the homeless citizens of Roxbury, MA are being displaced in favor of these illegals. As one viral clip on social media shows, an unnamed man is left flabbergasted after he is turned away from a shelter. “Can’t afford to live here, but y’all going to bring some other motherf***ers here? That doesn’t f***ing add up. It doesn’t make no f***ing sense…I’m f***ing homeless. I work a full-time job, 40 hours. And can’t pay to live here. How the f*** are you all going to bring somebody else here? Don’t make no f***ing sense. None.”

This man might have an explicit way of explaining his position, but damn if he isn’t right.

America is based on the idea that if you come here and work hard, you can succeed. Being outpriced from your home though is a slap in the face. Especially when the taxes your wages are providing are paying for illegals to stay there for free instead.

When Governor Maura Healey (D-MA) announced that the shelter in Roxbury would be shut down to turn it into a state-run shelter for illegals, she claimed that it would just be for a short time. Done in response to the 100-200 illegals sleeping on the floor of Boston’s Logan Airport every night, she claimed it was something they needed to do.

Fellow Democrat and Boston Mayor Michelle Wu initially tried pushing back against the idea but quickly changed her tone. Her initial objections and concerns for putting already disenfranchised Americans further behind the eight ball quickly changed. In its place was a simple explanation of the situation as a question with no good answers. She spoke at length about the hardships this side of Boston is synonymous with, and how severely the bad outcomes outweighed the good.

Bostonians let Wu and Healey just how upset they were at the decision, but those complaints once again fell on deaf ears. The only condolence Healey would offer is that the shelter would be reopened to citizens by May 31st. Yet neither of these ladies, their constituents, or their workers know what they are going to do with the illegals, or the many more that will arrive before then.

Suggesting they try neighboring and affluent Wellesley instead was a suggestion many residents of Roxbury made, but the state ignored the idea of trying the city or even Norfolk County. As it stands the state’s homeless shelter system is at capacity with 7,500 families currently being served across the state. Separate reports of 656 more who are on a waiting list to get on the sheltered list mean this is a thorough emergency for MA and its residents.

Paul D. Craney with Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance is tired of the problems these programs are bringing to MA.

Illegals are getting, “benefits just by showing up. Without the governor adding some basic reforms to our very generous taxpayer benefits, this will continue. This is just going to get worse for the state because the governor refuses to make the policy decision, which is rather political, to confront her president, who has created this problem…We’re encouraging people in Massachusetts who want to see reforms done on the migrant issue to go to our website at MassFiscal.org and then they can send an email to their lawmakers demanding that we add a residency requirement to the right-to-shelter law.”

This requirement might seem cruel or unnecessary to many, but this is a plague that will end us all unless we put a stop to it. As the anonymous homeless man explained, this is a situation that makes no sense whatsoever.