Leftists Silent as Radical Group Announces Mass Execution of Gays

Prazis Images / shutterstock.com
Prazis Images / shutterstock.com

The radical and political left would love for you to believe they are the party of ‘inclusion.’ I mean, isn’t that why they are constantly advocating for LGBTs, women, Muslims, and any other demographic who seems even remotely like an underdog?

But as we are learning, that’s only the case when advocating for those groups works for their agenda.

Take recent events in Yemen by the Houthis, for example.

As you know, the liberal left has been all about supporting the LGBTQ+ movement for years now. Additionally, they’ve been in support of Muslims and, more specifically, anti-Jewish Muslims. That much has been evident by their constant support of Hamas and Yemen Houthis, who have supported Hamas since they attacked America’s ally, Israel, in October of last year.

So it’s no shock that even though both Hamas and the Houthis have since begun attacking US ships and any other nations that might be perceived as “Western,” the radical fringes of the left still protest in support of these terrorist groups.

But what happens when one group they support executes members of another group for no good reason? You know, like how 13 gay men were executed by the Houthi on Tuesday for no other reason than that they were gay.

You’d think there would be an immediate condemnation of the act, right?

And yet, all those protesters who stood in the streets literally proclaiming “Hands Off Yemen” and “Long Live Hamas” are suddenly nowhere to be seen or heard.

According to the French wire service AFP, the 13 individuals, some as young as 13 years old, were sentenced to execution in the Houthi-controlled province of Ibb, the very same place where missile attacks by the group have been launched.

Yet, no one has come out condemning these actions from the political left…


The truth is plain to see. They don’t really care about any given group. They just care about their agenda, and they’ll clearly side with whoever to see it through.