This Should End Biden’s Political Career

We can all agree President Joe Biden’s political career should be over. This will help ensure that it happens sooner rather than later.

It comes from August 26, 2021 – the day Biden irresponsibly withdrew US troops from Afghanistan, leading to the death of 13 US servicemen and women and countless innocent Afghans.

With the two-year anniversary of the tragic day having come and gone without much fanfare or accountability, families of those fallen heroes want to make sure the American people remember what happened.

On Tuesday, those families traveled to Washington DC, particularly to a roundtable hosted by the House Foreign Affairs Committee at Capitol Hill to make such a statement.

And what was seen and heard should be more than damning to Biden and his administration.

As NBC News reported, Mark Schmitz and other Gold Star families made sure to place blame on those responsible, namely Joe Biden and the Pentagon.

As Schmitz explained, it all could have been prevented. Trump’s administration had actually dreamed up the plans for withdrawal. But they weren’t the same plans Biden used. Trump’s were conditional, based on what was going on on the ground in Afghanistan. It was also “methodical,” according to the New York Post.

Biden changed it all, making it both unconditional and ignoring any sense of logic or order.

The result was 13 dead American soldiers.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Schmitz reiterated what pretty much every other Gold Star family member has said of the days following. Biden treated them with callous disdain, countlessly checking his watch and speaking of his own son’s death (to cancer) while attempting to relate to these hurting individuals.

Additionally, Biden never even uttered their names.

As Schmitz said:

“There is nothing more cowardly and disgusting with how you treated us. You are a disgrace to the nation.”

And to this day, not a single soul, including Biden, has taken responsibility for those deaths or the tragedy that could have been prevented…

Like I said, this should be the end of Biden.