In an Exercise of the Blind Leading the Blind, Biden Reaches Out to McConnell To ‘Help’ Him

Gary Varvel /
Gary Varvel /

After Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) froze up again while speaking to the press on August 31st, one of the first people to come to his defense was President Biden.

Offering his medical opinion, it seems like Biden is talking from an area of expertise, as he himself has obvious signs of neurological impairment. As the Senate minority leader recovers from what is being called a concussion, Biden responded to a reporter inquiring about McConnell.

“I spoke to Mitch, he’s a friend. He was his old self on the telephone, and having a little understanding of dealing with neurosurgeons and people — and one of the leading women in my staff, her husband is a neurosurgeon as well — it’s not at all unusual to have the response that sometimes happens to Mitch when you’ve had a severe concussion. It’s part of the recovery, and so I’m confident he’s going to be back to his old self.”

The problem is his “old self” has been old for some time now and is falling deeply into the point of disrepair due to age, if nothing else. He, much like Biden, has had the cheese slip off his cracker. With it now getting to the point where Biden thinks he can speak for him, we as conservatives owe it to ourselves, our country, and even McConnell’s family to stand up for him and tell him to step down.

Neurological problems like this can send the country quickly into a tailspin. Allowing this man to lead anything more than the line through Golden Corral is a disgrace to us as a nation. As one of the premiere countries for the advancement of medicine, we do not project a strong image or an image of caring for the elderly by keeping them in the public eye. Especially since he is making so many crucial decisions and voicing his (obviously) impaired opinion.

Back in July, McConnell also froze at a podium, and much like this most recent one, his handlers had to walk him off. Much like a bad robot in a 1950s “future” movie, it appears as if his hard drive malfunctions and cannot recover the data enough to function. The only things missing were someone carrying him off like an ironing board and some smoke rolling from his ears.

Just the day before the latest freezing incident for McConnell, Biden ribbed him about running for reelection in 2026. Done by asking Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas if he would be running, the joke landed with many.

While this kind of crack is not uncommon from Biden, his apparent lack of real care about the subject is incredibly disturbing. 

For someone who proclaims he cares about the nation, he has done nothing but try to weaken it, and his refusal to take accountability for the problems he is causing is more than troubling. Both men should be not only stepping down but should also be pushing for term and age limits in all offices. If these two have shown us anything, it’s that, at a certain point, we have too many seniors whose good days are far behind them.

Instead of voting for and pushing for a future they will live to enjoy, they advocate for the death of us later for the shame of our nation now. Call it dementia, call it old age, call it senility. Call it anything you want but be sure you call it wrong. The American people know just how potent their disgrace has become. They keep seeing it flying in our faces daily.

For McConnell, his glory days ended when Trump left office. As he helped back in the moving truck, he should have had them load McConnell on with him. Instead, he stayed and tried to work with Biden. Thus far, it has proven to be an effort with little results but a lot of shame.