Ron DeSantis Cans 25+ Staffers as His Campaign Swirls the Drain

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The Ron DeSantis campaign is in serious trouble. After firing more than a dozen staffers to cut costs two weeks ago, the campaign shed another 25 people this week. The campaign is bleeding money, and it’s not being replenished since more than 80% of its donors are corporate interests and wealthy Never Trumpers.

A couple of weeks ago, a video editor for the campaign was fired after he superimposed the Florida governor on a video filled with Nazi imagery from Ukraine. Counting him, the campaign has fired at least 38 people in the past two weeks, which was more than a third of the entire staff.

This is all happening as the campaign spent another $100,000 to smooth-talk donors in Utah in attempts to convince them that this third reset is normal and they’re playing the long game.

The DeSantis-supporting Never Back Down PAC is reportedly in talks about backing down and instead turning their support to either Sen. Tim Scott or Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who isn’t even in the race at this point. Many longtime political observers are just scratching their heads and declaring that the DeSantis campaign is the worst presidential campaign in memory—and maybe in history.

It’s not helping that Laura Loomer has just uncovered a video of the Never Back Down PAC and members of the DeSantis campaign team clearly hanging out and partying together back in December at a Christmas party. That’s illegal under FEC campaign laws. Campaigns and PACs that support them are supposed to have no contact whatsoever between them.

Here’s the video Loomer uncovered of members of the Never Back Down PAC and DeSantis campaign staffers getting drunk and setting strippers’ butt cheeks on fire (in case you doubt that this is the worst campaign ever). Before you make any political contributions this year, keep in mind that they spent donors’ money on this: