Republican Wins Special Election in District Dems Won Just Months Ago

Rudy Umans /
Rudy Umans /

Like most New England states, Maine is often a Democratic stronghold, or at least tends to be Democratically led. But that doesn’t mean that definite strides are being made to turn it red.

For example, I introduce to you Abden Simmons, a clammer and elver fisherman who just won a Republican seat in the state House of Representatives.

It’s important to point out here that just a few months ago, this seat was won by a Democrat. In November, Democrat Clinton Collamore won the chair, representing Bremen, Friendship, Louds Island Township, Waldoboro, and Washington.

However, after serving just one month, Collamore was forced to resign after being indicted on allegations of voter fraud.

According to News Center Maine, Collamore violated the Maine Clean Elections Act and forged signatures to collect about $14,000 in public campaign funds. While he pled not guilty, he did ultimately agree to return the stolen campaign funds, as well as the salary he’d received.

And so a special election to replace him was held on Tuesday.

Republican and longtime community member Simmons won, beating out his Democratic opposition, Wendy Pieh, 52 to 48 percent. Both Simmons and Pieh are former state representatives.

Now, to be sure, in a state such as Maine, where Democrats are aplenty, Simmons’s win doesn’t do much to change the odds for the legislative house. However, it is a further sign that communities and voters are sick of the liberal lies and processes that amount to nothing but more bad news.

Instead, they’re choosing to stick to tried and true individuals who have proved their mettle and promise to actually put the people first rather than their political agenda.

As Maine Republican Party Chairman Joel Stetkis said in his congratulatory note about Simmons, it’s clear that “Mainers in this battleground district today said ENOUGH. Enough of the spending increases, enough of the extreme left-wing agenda in Augusta, enough of the broken promises. And they picked Abden Simmons to deliver this message.”