Mexican Girls Still Throwing Babies in the Garbage


Despite the best global efforts by conservatives across the globe, people are still throwing babies in the garbage.

On January 27th, Alexee Trevizo, 19, was taken to Artesia General Hospital where she was complaining of lower back pain. Despite telling officials she was not pregnant and hadn’t had sex, medical officials still ran tests to confirm their suspicions. Those tests came back positive (unsurprisingly).

Locking herself in the bathroom for 20 minutes, when she finally did open the door, they found “blood and shit” everywhere per a nameless doctor that spoke to police. Sending in a custodian after her, it was discovered that the trash bag in the can was heavier than usual. Looking inside, the baby was found dead inside. According to police, the teen delivered the baby in the bathroom and tossed it in the trash.

According to the unnamed doctor, “She put the baby in the trash can and then another clean liner over the top of it. The baby is dead. She killed the kid…She had it in the bathroom is what happened and then whatever she did, I don’t know — she’s going to lie. She wouldn’t tell us she’s pregnant, she’s been lying the whole time.”

When the bodycam-wearing officer confronts the teen and her mother, her mom calls her out on her suspicions. She tells the girl she just wants the truth and about what happens to people who do this. At this point, Alexee tells her mom she freaked because the baby came out and wasn’t crying.

Now facing a first-degree murder charge, she has had to get a lawyer. And her lawyer Gary Mitchell is up in arms over the charge, especially given her lack of a record. Pleading not guilty, her lawyer is trying to come up with a best-case scenario for his client, something that will be incredibly difficult given the circumstances of the child’s death.

Even in 2023, with all these resources at our fingertips, kids are still throwing babies in the garbage. It’s time for a change and to abort the leftist agenda.