Bill Gates-Funded Group to Thin 70 Million Acres of Forest to Save the Planet

Dudarev Mikhail /
Dudarev Mikhail /

If you weren’t aware, the planet is dying, or at least at severe risk of doing so, according to science and the political left. And so, one group has devised a great plan to save the planet.

Basically, they will remove hundreds of thousands of leftover and decaying trees from about 70 million acres of woodlands across the US and bury them. The only problem is that they don’t know if such an endeavor will do any good.

If it sounds like a horribly ridiculous idea, just wait; it doesn’t get much better.

According to Forbes, the US Forest Service is making plans to thin out about “70 million acres of western forests, mostly in California.” All in the hopes that doing so might eliminate some atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Now, theoretically, it could work. Maybe.

As you likely remember from science class, trees remove carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into oxygen, releasing that much-needed oxygen back into the atmosphere. However, when trees die and decompose, all that carbon dioxide they take in is slowly released into the air.

And so Kodama Systems, a private company known to receive donations from Bill Gates, has been quietly planning on taking these dying or decomposing trees and either making them into lumber or burying them. Of course, this is all after they’ve stripped those 70 million acres of everything in their way and any other trees that may be used for lumber – all with fossil fuel-guzzling equipment…

The only problem is that no one really knows what all that carbon dioxide underground will do or what effects the plan may have on the environment.

Of course, Kodama hopes it works to help cool and not heat the planet.

But as several scientists and investors in the project admit, the “long-term durability” is questionable.

Yeah, it sounds like a good plan… NOT!