Biden to Finally Visit East Palestine, Residents and Trump Know What He’s Doing


In February of 2023, a train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. It was carrying a number of hazardous chemicals, which spilled into the town and caused all sorts of issues.

Over a full year later, President Joe Biden is just getting around to visiting the site of the disaster. Let’s just say both residents and former President Donald Trump see right through the visit.

For longtime East Palestine resident and small business owner DJ Yokely, it’s all a bit too little, too late. He’s also under no impression that this is anything other than a last-minute attempt to gain some favor during an election year.

When asked by “Fox & Friends” about Biden’s visit, Yokely suggested that Biden probably wouldn’t even be coming if he weren’t up for reelection and in desperate need of some good news and good reviews.

Not that anything like that is what he’ll get from the good people of East Palestine.

As Yokely said, he’d “better have a wagon full of answers and a wagon full of good news for us because otherwise, why are you coming at this point? Why are you showing your face if not just to try to sway votes and try to get back in office?”

For him and most in the Ohio town, the time for Biden to visit and show his concern for their well-being was immediately after the disaster happened last year. You know, when former President Trump showed up.

And Trump didn’t show up empty-handed either. When he arrived on the scene just days after it had happened, he brought wagon loads of supplies and much-needed resources. His immediate attention and help proved to the people of East Palestine, as well as citizens everywhere that Trump was still fighting for America despite not holding any sort of office or official reason for doing so.

Biden, on the other hand, has pretty much ignored the whole situation.

Not only has he not visited the site in person until now, a full year after the fact, but his administration has been less than interested in helping the town in recovery. Very little funding, supplies, etc., have been sent, and it’s not for lack of being asked for those things.

This indicates even more to those like Yokely that this very late visit is nothing more than checking off a box.

“It’s a scenario where we know what he’s doing. The American people see it, and now it’s, ‘Hey, we have to visit East Palestine because we haven’t done that yet, and check it off the books.”

Instead of taking care of his own early on, Biden has spent the majority of his time and presidency worrying about nations overseas, you know, like Ukraine, Somalia, Russia, and China.

No wonder Biden has dismal polling numbers nationwide and in the state of Ohio. In fact, the state is very likely to vote red when the presidential general election comes up.

As Yokely said, “We understand that there’s nothing that he’s done for us and nothing that this administration has done for us other than say that he’ll be coming” someday.

The mayor of East Palestine, Trent Conaway, is also less than impressed with Biden’s late arrival. According to him, Biden is still more than welcome to come. However, his “personal opinion” is that the “best time for him to come would be February of 2025 when he is on his book tour.”

Clearly, no love was lost between the sitting president for him. And deservedly so.

Again, it’s just one more thing in a long list of absolute failures on Biden’s part. And showing up a year later isn’t going to change that.