Dem. Senator Says All Tactics That Prevent Trump From Winning Are Welcomed

lev radin /
lev radin /

Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) appeared on CNN following the news of President Trump being removed from the Republican ballot in Colorado. While there is an appeal with the US Supreme Court, this judgment and news is nothing less than earth-shattering. It’s the first time a state Supreme Court voted to remove someone from the Presidential ticket.

Appearing on “CNN News Central” with Kate Bolduan, he lamented that he has no concerns about who Biden faces off against; he is certain that he won’t lose. He does, however, believe that it will make the Republican primary a mess, and one that he believes conservatives deserve. In his eyes, the failed attempts to impeach Trump should be enough to keep him off the ticket, but that doesn’t quite measure up.

“There was a finding by the court in Colorado, looking at the evidence that former President Trump participated in an insurrection. I was here on Jan. 6th, we had an impeachment trial for President Trump after the events of Jan. 6, I think it’s undeniable, in my view, that he participated in an insurrection and as such should be disqualified from holding federal office.”

With hundreds storming the Capitol as electoral votes were being certified on January 6th, 2021, people expected Trump to do more to stop them. Given the nature of his speech the day before and the “Stop the Steal” chants, many Believe Trump is ultimately at fault for the way people returned to the Capitol. Never mind the fact that Capitol officials not only opened the doors to let them in, but many acted as if it was expected.

To Coons, these actions make Trump not only unfit for the job, but at this point, he’ll do anything he can to keep him from getting back in the White House. “Whether it is a court that determines he’s unfit to hold office because he took up force against our Constitution or mobilized a mob against our Constitution, or because the electorate throws him out, I don’t think it really matters. If he’s unfit to hold office, we should all be encouraged by any action that makes it less likely that he will return to the presidency.”

Unfortunately, it does matter.

One of the founding principles of the nation is that a person is innocent until proven guilty. This part of our nation’s history is something that Americans are historically very proud of, and rightfully so. It guarantees us the right to face out accusers, the right to not be judged because someone makes an allegation. While personal opinions are one thing and unenforceable by the government, when you are convicted of something, it becomes (nearly) irrefutable.

Meeting this burden of proof is enough to say that someone has lost their privileges and rights, and this would include things like being eligible for President. However, to strip that away from Trump or anyone else is incredibly prejudicial and sets the standard for these kinds of removals at all levels of government.

It makes for a very slippery slope and one that many could easily find themselves gliding down. You got loud at a PTA meeting, and other parents agreed with you? Banned from running for City Counsel. Allegedly drunkenly yelled at people outside a bar at 2 am? No more Mayoral aspirations for you. Accused by a former neighbor of having a pig roast during Ramadan? Forget about that State Senate spot.

This kind of ruling will cause more ripples in the American democracy than Biden or any of his lapdogs can fathom. Should the US Supreme Court allow this to stand, we need to be braced for the riots that will likely and rightfully come. They will be uglier than Biden’s memory.