Yuck: Kamala Harris Breaks Out Her Granny Dance Moves at White House Party

Dori Chronicles / shutterstock.com
Dori Chronicles / shutterstock.com

Despite her blind ambition and willingness to do literally anything for power, Kamala Harris has no talent or skills at anything. We just saw further proof of this at the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop party at the White House, where Harris busted out her granny dance moves.

It’s difficult to accept, but Joe Biden is not the biggest embarrassment about his unelected regime. Kamala is far more embarrassing for the country on a daily basis. Everyone knows that she slept her way into politics, but unlike many other people who have done the same thing, she literally has no skills.

She’s not really big on policy. Or details. Or plans. Or doing actual work. Joe Biden put her in charge of the southern border crisis, and we all see how that’s gone.

So, sending her as the big emissary of the White House to a hip-hop party seemed like a safe bet. She couldn’t possibly goof that up. Could she?

Oh, yes, she could. When Kamala Harris busted out the granny dance moves at the party, Twitter/X users exploded with mockery and derision. We’re not even kidding when we say that Donald Trump actually has better dance moves than Kamala.

Many of us are kept awake at night by the thought that Joe Biden could slip on a banana peel any day now, and Kamala Harris would suddenly be in charge of the economy and the nuclear codes. Watching her attempt to dance only reinforces these fears. Her moves were quickly dubbed the “Cackle Shuffle” by observers, and others noted that Kamala’s dance moves were “pure cringe.”

We’ll let you be the judge. Here is the person who could be the next leader of the free world if fate intervenes: