Yeah, Right! The FBI “Just Wants Your Help”

Peter Kim /
Peter Kim /

Imagine receiving a knock on the door only to be met by FBI agents.

“We’re from the government, and we’re here to help.”

This is a terrifying statement, and it’s one most of us hope that we never have to hear.

Even former president Reagan said back in 1986 that “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” are the nine most terrifying words that anyone would hear.

There are reports surfacing around the US that these words are being heard by more and more people. FBI agents, along with a Sheriff’s deputy, may show up at someone’s home.

There are, of course, questions you should ask. This includes asking for a warrant and finding out if you’re being detained.

Without a search warrant, they cannot enter your home. And as if it’s actually necessary to say, you never want to invite them in, no matter how courteous they may seem.

The FBI agents simply want your “help.” And they’d love to be invited in to sit down and discuss it in depth.

It comes down to this: They want you to provide them with names of people who are doing bad things in your neighborhood, your city, or elsewhere. They want you to be an informant.

If you resist, the agents may even say something like, “If you’re not willing to provide information, perhaps you’re the person we should be looking at.”

Unfortunately, intimidation is not illegal. And they’ll use their fancy suits and their professional smiles as a way to intimidate you into giving up your friends, your family, and possibly even yourself.

This means that you have to remember one thing if you suddenly get a knock on your door by a few FBI agents. “Do you have a warrant?” If they do not, that’s the end of the conversation.