Who Could Appear on the Democratic Ticket If Not Biden?

Derek Hatfield / shutterstock.com
Derek Hatfield / shutterstock.com

There’s a lot of talk about Joe Biden not making it onto the 2024 ballot. The thought is that, at the last minute, the Democratic National Committee could pivot and place someone else on the ballot. It makes sense – Joe Biden will be 82 by the time he’s in his second term. Considering that he’s not polling well now, there’s no way that Americans will want to vote for him a year from now.

The thing is, who could appear? A lot of names are being floated around, so let’s look at the possibilities.

Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama has no political experience, but she does have a law degree from Harvard. Her only notoriety, however, is being the First Lady. She’s said she’s not interested in running, yet even Ted Cruz believes that she could end up on the ticket.

Gavin Newsom. It’s no surprise that the Governor of California has aspirations for higher political positions. While he has said that he won’t run against Biden for 2024, he has an entire political campaign already created. It’s just a matter of time before he either announces a run or he’s magically placed onto the Democratic ticket.

Gretchen Whitmer. The Governor of Michigan is another name that has been floated. She is definitely a “yes, man,” which is what the Democrats love about her. The problem is that she hasn’t been a beloved governor in her own state, especially during COVID, and there was even a kidnapping attempt while she’s been in office.

Kamala Harris. Obviously, Kamala Harris is the VP, so she should be the DNC’s obvious choice. The problem is that she’s famous for her word salads. We’re also still waiting around for her to do something about the border crisis, which she was tasked with nearly three years ago. Oh, and she’s also the lowest-polling VP in modern history.

Of course, there are other names – but until Joe Biden decides he’s not interested in a second term or the DNC goes behind his back, it’s all hearsay.

The biggest problem right now is that Biden is refusing to even debate anyone. This means that even if more candidates decided to step forward to run in the Democratic primaries, they wouldn’t get to participate in any debates.

So, we have to hope and pray that there’s someone other than Biden…and that whoever goes on the Republican ticket is capable of winning no matter what.