What Is FBI Director Wray Worried About After ‘Jihad Friday’, and What Is He Forgetting?

Anas-Mohammed / shutterstock.com
Anas-Mohammed / shutterstock.com

The Hamas-pushed and Muslim-based “Jihad Friday” on October 13th failed to produce any results in the US or Europe despite numerous warnings about the potential of such attacks. Initially, the warning came from the Middle East Media Research Institute with a copy of the Hamas leader’s speech about the events they had planned.

“We declare next Friday, ‘The Friday of the Al-Aqsa Flood,’ as a day of general mobilization in our Arab and Islamic world and among the free people of the world. It is a day to rally support, offer aid, and participate actively. It is a day to expose the crimes of the occupation, isolate it, and foil all its aggressive schemes. It is a day to demonstrate our love for Palestine, Jerusalem, and Al-Aqsa. It is a day for sacrifice, heroism, and dedication, and to earn the honor of defending the first Qibla of Muslims, the third holiest mosque, and the ascension of the trusted Messenger.”

Now FBI Director Chris Wray is speaking out to keep Americans on their toes as we all wait and see if the other shoe will drop. Speaking to the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in San Diego, California, on October 14th, he talked about how long the globe has witnessed antisemitism and multiple other forms of extremist activity. Acknowledging just how wrong that kind of hatred is, he warned people that now is also not the time to get soft.

“In this heightened environment, there’s no question we’re seeing an increase in reported threats, and we have to be on the lookout, especially for lone actors who may take inspiration from recent events to commit violence of their own. And I’d encourage you to stay vigilant because, as the first line of defense in protecting our communities, you’re often the first to see the signs that someone may be mobilizing to violence. And I’d also ask you to continue sharing any intelligence or observations you may have. On our end, we’re committed to doing the same.”

Warning people about staying vigilant is always a good thing. It’s something the American people could use a reminder about. Especially following 9/11, many of us have become complacent in our day-to-day activities. This makes us easy targets, and Director Wray is forgetting all about what America should be doing to protect us.

First off, the southern border is a massive problem. The American people are watching these illegals flood in across the border, and they are unable to take a stand against this and condemn it as wrong. As President Biden refuses to do anything about it, their numbers continue to pile up, and they are draining resources American citizens need.

Secondly, this conflict between Palestine and Israel is one that simply could have been prevented decades ago. As the US refused true intervention and simply backed Israel, we drew a line in the sand, one offering to support them. This put the rest of the Middle East on notice, and the Muslims took that personally. With little to offer the world besides oil and naan bread, they were incredibly upset with this shift in support and felt betrayed.

Had the US done more back then to broker peace, all of this could have been prevented. Coming at the end of the Raegan years, the US opted to stay less involved. Given Yasser Arafat’s way of manipulating the narrative, many felt the US only had very little it could do. They didn’t believe we could help broker peace. Truth be told, given the length of their infighting and debates over who should have their Holy Lands, it’s not surprising.

Frey shouldn’t forget to warn the Americans that all of this is coming from years of the liberal message that being weak is a good idea. For the last 30 years, every time we get the liberals in charge or the White House, we get weaker as a nation. Perhaps it’s time they just sit back and stop destroying America one protest at a time.