VA Governor Pardons a Dad Who Was Arrested at a School Board Meeting

The left has gone on the offensive. They want to ensure that parents have no say about what happens to their children while in school. And if a parent dares to make a fuss at a school board meeting, it will lead to an arrest.

This has been seen in a number of states – and Virginia has arrested more than a few parents over the past few years.

Two years ago, the father of a teenage daughter was arrested. Why? He spoke out after his daughter was sexually assaulted in the school bathroom of her high school.

The father, Scott Smith, was charged with “disorderly conduct” and was sentenced to jail.

Imagine that.

Your daughter was sexually assaulted at school, and YOU get arrested. All because you are demanding answers. It’s the way that the left is shutting down the conservative push for more parental engagement.

Glenn Youngkin is the new governor of Virginia, and he’s Republican. He’s proving that he values parental engagement – and one of the ways he has proven this is by pardoning Smith.

“Scott Smith is a dedicated parent who’s faced unwarranted charges in his pursuit to protect his daughter.”

Youngkin is taking the necessary action.

Smith did nothing wrong. He simply was demanding answers about the sexual assault since the unthinkable had happened to his daughter and while on school grounds.

Smith has been extremely vocal about how he was treated when he was seeking justice for his daughter. In an interview, he commented, “What happened to me cannot ever happen to another American again.”

He’s right about that. No parent should get thrown in jail for demanding answers and seeking justice.

The public education system is broken – and we know exactly who to blame.

Youngkin and his administration are also setting an example so that other states know how to provide a better model for public schools. This includes rolling back protections for transgender students. It is often NOT acceptable for a biological male to share a locker room with biological females because this is the kind of things that happens.

And by the way, the school district that this happened in has since fired its superintendent. The grand jury found a “Stunning lack of openness, transparency and accountability.”

It’s likely that would be found in a number of liberally run school districts. Hopefully, people like Smith and Youngkin will continue to make the conservative push for parents’ voices to be heard.