US Soldier Found Letting Entire Groups of Illegals onto Private Property

Michele Ursi /
Michele Ursi /

You’ve all heard about the problems at America’s southern border with Mexico. But now, it’s realized that the federal government is actually hurting, not helping the situation.

The latest proof of this comes to us from a video captured from Eagle Point, Texas. It shows an American soldier opening up a panel of border fencing and allowing a large group of migrants onto private US property.

Meanwhile, a border patrol boat sits on the river behind them, just watching. And moments later, a bus arrives and picks up these now illegal migrants.

As journalist Bill Melugin discovered, the soldier is from the Missouri National Guard and under orders from the federal government. Border patrol was also ordered to assist in this event.

As alarming as it may be, you did read that correctly. The federal government is actually ordering soldiers and border patrol to help illegals pass into this country, bypassing the legal channels and further endangering our communities and land.

Essentially, it’s a planned and coordinated effort to put Americans last.

Now, this doesn’t mean that all national guardsmen and border patrol agents are so involved in the destruction of our nation. I would hope that a vast majority of them actually believe in the oaths to protect our country and its borders that they promised to.

However, it does speak to a major problem: the US government is actively making things worse for us and the already strained border situation.

We and many in Washington have been calling for an end to this “crisis” for months, in fact, years now. And yet, it seems at every turn, Biden and his cronies only do the opposite of what we want and need to be done.

Instead of protecting the American people, he has literally invited hundreds of thousands to cross into our neighborhoods illegally, without regard to the danger they may bring with them – be that smuggled drugs and firearms, slave trafficking rings, or known and violent criminals.

No wonder so many Americans disapprove of Biden.