US Navy Releases 109 New Pages on UFO Sightings, Including One Involving Whales

Marko Aliaksandr /
Marko Aliaksandr /

The US Navy has just quietly released 109 new, heavily redacted pages on UFO encounters during training incidents or near US military bases. The pages were posted to the Navy’s FOIA Reading Room this month and were compiled under the title of “RF Reports Navy Redacted (20306).pdf.” The pages contain quite a few unique entries on UFO (or UAPs, as they’re calling them now) encounters that the public has not heard about before.

The “RF” in the title of the document stands for “Range Fouler,” which is a new term coined by the Director of National Intelligence in a 2021 assessment on UFOs. The DNI defines a Range Fouler as “any activity or object that interrupts pre-planned training or other military activity in a military operating area or restricted air space.”

The military now has a specific Range Fouler Debrief form that it’s using, and the 109 pages are comprised of these debriefing reports. The forms contain a series of checkboxes for the reporting person to indicate the appearance of the objects, which includes round, square, balloon-shaped, wings/airframe, other shape, apparent propulsion, moving parts, metallic, markings, translucent, opaque, and reflective. All of the checkboxes are redacted on every report, so for some reason, the government doesn’t want the public to know about the appearance of these objects.

In one report, a UFO was hovering stationary above the water when it was spotted by a naval aircrew. The pilot was able to pass by it on three occasions and intercept it. On the third pass, the flight crew scanned the surface of the water beneath the object and discovered there was a pod of whales there. We…have no idea what to make of that.

The reports also indicate that pilots have, in many cases, taken pictures and video of these objects, which have never been released (and which still aren’t being released, despite public calls for transparency). Every Range Fouler report has a section that reads, “Please ensure all display tapes are ripped for the entire time of interaction and saved as a .wmv… Squadron personnel shall upload those files to the repository located at [redacted].”

This indicates that the Navy has a lot more pictures and footage of these things than the public has ever seen. The second report in the document specifically calls the objects “UFOs.” It states that there were two different sightings during an incident “with a total of 6 UFOs seen.” The report also documents “allegedly captured helmet cam footage.”

One report says, “There is HUD footage of the video at the time of observation. However, the video is too large to send.” Another says that when a pilot encountered several UFOs at once, “At the time there was no one interested in [redacted] so the tapes were deleted.”

We don’t know what these things are, and we’re not sure we totally want to. However, it’s clear that the US government has known about and interacted with these things for many decades and has lied to the public about it. (Your tax dollars at work!)

Former Fox News personality Tucker Carlson is someone who used to be a total skeptic about UFOs, but he’s now come around to the idea that they are real. He says he’s learned some things about these objects that are so dark that he hasn’t even told his wife about them. Tucker sat down for an episode of the aptly named “Redacted” podcast this month to discuss the UFO phenomenon: