Turns Out Killing People With a Vehicle Is a Komoroski Family Trait

Virrage Images / shutterstock.com
Virrage Images / shutterstock.com

It turns out that just 10 years ago, the mother of drunken murderer Jamie Lee Komoroski was responsible for taking someone’s life with an automobile herself.

Back in March 2013, then 52-year-old Traci Komoroski was driving along a New Jersey roadway near an active fire scene. Per a civil lawsuit filed by the members of 35-year-old Jeffrey Scheuerer, Traci was ultimately responsible for his death.

Driving “negligently and carelessly failed to appreciate [Scheuerer] and the general firefighting activity in the area, resulting in her striking [Scheuerer’s] body causing grievous and ultimately fatal injuries. As a direct and proximate result of the aforesaid carelessness, negligence, and recklessness of the defendants, [Scheuerer] was violently struck, sustaining painful and permanent injuries and resultant death.”

As a result of the case, the plaintiffs and Komoroski reached a $100,000 settlement for their loss.

Anthony P. Kearns was serving as the Hunterdon County Prosecutor back in April 2013. In his preliminary investigation, they determined that a sudden and unpredictable gust of wind caused the firetruck and its operators to be hidden from view despite their emergency flashers. As the third driver in a line of three, Komoroski struck and killed Scheuerer.

Much like Traci’s irresponsible driving resulted in the death of someone who never saw it coming, Jamie Lee’s case suffered from the same fate. Getting behind the wheel for a drunken escapade with blood alcohol three times the legal limit, she soared down the road at 65 mph despite being in a 25-mph zone.

Plowing into the vehicle, she ultimately killed the newly wedded Samantha Miller and Aric Hutchinson as they left their reception in a golf cart. Still wearing her wedding dress when she died, Miller was ecstatic to marry Hutchinson. Now ready to start their lives together, Komoroski stole that from them, just like her mom did for Scheuerer.