Trump Said It Out Loud: Illegals Are Being Let In To Vote 

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Most conservatives had never heard of “The Great Replacement Theory” until liberals pitched it as one of the core beliefs of the MEGA movement. The replacement theory suggests that there is a deliberate effort to replace white populations, particularly in Western countries, with non-white populations through immigration and higher birth rates among non-white groups. While few conservatives believe this, there is one theory most can agree on – let’s call it the Great Replacement Voter Theory.  

The Great Replacement Voter Theory is a growing certainty that Democrats are using unchecked illegal immigration to shore up a future voting base and ensure Republicans will never regain the presidency, the House, or the Senate.  

The Great Replacement Voter Theory has caught former President Trump’s attention, and he is railing at the Democratic establishment on the campaign trail and Truth Social. During a January 5 speech in Mason City, Iowa, Trump said what many conservatives are thinking: “I think they really are doing it because they want to sign these people up to vote. I really do. They can’t speak a word of English for the most part, but they’re signing them up.” 

The mainstream media immediately classified his statement as “false” and “unfounded,” which every conservative knows means it’s true. The faster the media counters, the more they are covering up. 

Noncitizen voting, the left claims, is illegal, rare, and rigorously scrutinized. To register as a voter, individuals must affirm their U.S. citizenship under penalty of perjury, fines, jail time, and deportation for false claims. No illegal immigrant would dare to defy the law in America, the media reasons. 

Democratic defenders go on to state that federal law mandates states to regularly update voter rolls and remove ineligible individuals, including undocumented immigrants. Considering the chaos of the audits following the 2020 election, this federal law should be re-evaluated. 

Illegal immigrants are already being filtered slowly into the system, with the first step granting them legal driver’s licenses before allowing them a voice in local elections. Several cities in Maryland and Vermont, among others, allow noncitizens to vote in local elections. In 2022, New York City passed a law intending to permit legally documented noncitizens and “Dreamers” to vote in local elections, but a judge intervened, blocking the law’s implementation.  

To meet progressive goals, the next steps will be asylum, amnesty, and then citizenhood. 

Trump hit a nerve with his bold statement, and suddenly, millions of conservatives who had been quietly pondering the situation felt vindicated. To hear the Biden administration talk about it, there is no crisis at the border, and the White House has it under control.  

But Trump disagrees. He took to Truth Social to post that “crazed” Democrats are allowing the flood of illegals at the border “so they can vote, vote, vote.” 

Between March 2021 and November 2023, border officials arrested 5.9 million arrests for border jumpers. Many of these individuals are released to apply for asylum in immigration courts, but these courts face a backlog of 3 million cases, causing significant delays in hearing their cases. Those who choose to appear remain free in the United States interior while awaiting trial. It’s not clear how many illegal immigrants disappear without appearing before the courts. 

Trump’s casual statements, usually one-offs instead of full-on rants, are catnip to the Democrats. This time, they may fire up his MEGA following. Highlighting concerns about immigration resonates with Trump supporters. These concerns are consistently stoked by videos of massive numbers of illegal immigrants on their way to the border, at the border, and overwhelming cities. The ongoing refusal of the Biden administration to address the surge adds to the effectiveness of messages about immigration issues among these supporters. 

Biden has no answers, and he has no excuse. He can’t deflect the blame and refuses to address the issue. Biden’s cheerleader and mouthpiece, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, argues that Biden has “done everything he can” to restore order at the border, a claim that is met with skepticism and mockery from both sides of the political aisle. 

Even Biden’s concessions to House Republicans during the current funding battle are laughable. In exchange for tens of billions of dollars in additional Ukraine aid, with a slight nod to Israel, Democrats will concede to 1,300 additional U.S. Border Patrol agents, 375 new judges, and 1,600 new asylum officers. 

Thanks to the liberal media’s undying desire to take a Trump-ism out of context and feed it to fact-starved audiences, Trump’s comments about illegal immigration and the Democrat voting base were heard. But as of late 2022, one-third of Americans already believed that the Great Voter Replacement is underway for Democratic electoral gains. Trump, being Trump, merely said what many already believe.  

The border crisis is not White House negligence or the Biden administration’s stupidity. It’s a deliberate and weighted attempt to remain in power.