To the Surprise of the Nation, FL Man Charged in Use of Explosive During Jan 6th Capitol Visit

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May 2nd saw a Florida man arrested for allegedly setting off an explosive device during his visit to the Capitol Building in Washington DC. 38-year-old Daniel Ball of Homosassa, FL has been charged in relation to an explosive device he allegedly ignited in a Capitol tunnel.

According to the FBI, he will be facing 12 charges, including assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers with a deadly or dangerous weapon; using an explosive to commit any felony; and obstruction of law enforcement during a civil disorder. He is the only person facing charges during an alleged fierce battle between Trump supporters and law enforcement.

During this battle, Ball and others were allegedly trying to push their way into the Capitol, and allegedly Ball was able to throw an explosive device into an entranceway. From this, the FBI is claiming to have several officers who suffered hearing problems. One claimed problems persisted for months, another alleged it maxed out his pain scale, made him deaf, and left him that way for a minimum of 48 hours.

The affidavit from the FBI is damning. “For many other officers that were interviewed, it was the most memorable event that day. Some officers who were defending the tunnel at the time of the explosion, reported feeling the pressure of the blast. Some thought it was a fragmentation grenade and anticipated pain or significant injury. Some thought they were going to die. Some officers suffered psychological trauma from the explosion.”

With an explosives and hazardous devices examiner assigned to the case from the Explosives Unit at the FBI laboratory in Huntsville, Alabama unable to determine the explosive’s origins, they could only claim it was “capable of inflicting damage to surrounding property as well as seriously injuring persons in the vicinity of the resultant explosion.”

In a treasure trove of secrets, the affidavit also claims Ball was initially arrested months following January 6th and was accused of committing battery against five civilians and two law enforcement officers. As a result, he was convicted and sentenced to five years probation according to the FBI. When they arrested Ball on May 2nd, it was his parole officer who gave the ID. He also claims he knows Ball still has the jacket from this day.

When David Lee Judd lit a firecracker that failed to blow, he got over 2.5 years in federal prison for the stunt. That case was also documented and discussed publicly. Pipe bombs left outside both Republican and Democratic HQ in DC just before the second anniversary of the riot have also been heavily documented and in the public eye. The $500k reward has yet to get the information for a payout.

Ball’s case has been kept from the public, and this should be a huge question for the American people. Given how horribly the left has tried to victimize themselves on that fateful day, the use of explosives against Capitol police would be exceptionally damning. Even the unauthorized use of training flashbangs (which are legal in many states) could paint conservatives in a bad light.

Truth be told, this sounds more and more like the FBI’s weak attempt to cover up for one of their agents being unable to throw his/her flashbang hard enough to reach its target. They tried to get out the door and came up short, so rather than accept their own friendly fire, FBI agents instead press charges against a private citizen.

Given how overzealous and forceful the left has been in trying to get the American people on their side, this makes no sense to downplay, hide, or not promote if it was true. Instead, this screams out more like a desperate plea for attention than anything else. These pleas get them new supporters and more hate for the right, so for this to be such a minor story, they have to be making it up, or they are really slipping worse than ever before.