This Was Supposed to Help Biden Camp Recoup Abysmal Numbers… It Didn’t

Fabrizio Canneti /
Fabrizio Canneti /

If you’ve seen much in the way of polling for 2024 recently, you know that the Democrats, or at least those in Camp Biden, aren’t doing all that well. Luckily (or should I say, unluckily), one Democratic strategist has a plan.

According to well-known and respected MSNBC commentator and strategist for the political left Max Burns, Biden has an asset on his team that has gone vastly unused. And with 2024 campaigning not looking so good, it’s time to bring out the big guns.

So who is this asset?

Well, Kamala Harris, of course.

I know, you just had a good, straight-from-the-gut laugh. And that is precisely why it took all of a few moments for both Burns and his MSNBC colleagues to learn the hard way that the plan isn’t such a good one after all.

In a commentary piece published on Tuesday, Burns noted that Harris could be strategically used as a very potent weapon, particularly when it comes to both gaining votes among women and those “of color.”

The promotional piece written on MSNBC’s X account stated, “Joe Biden has effectively kept Vice President Kamala Harris on the bench for most of his term, but @themaxburns says she’s one of his campaign’s most valuable assets, and he needs to give her free rein to do what she does best.”

I’m sure you aren’t surprised that the tweet pretty much went up in flames immediately. Hell, even on MSNBC’s own account, where Biden/Harris fans are likely to amass, the post was pretty much ignored.

Out of 169,500 views, it was liked only a measly 663 times as of Wednesday afternoon.

And, of course, the comments prove exactly why.

One comment even suggested that Max Burns must be working “for Trump” because that’s the only person putting Harris on the front lines was going to help.

I doubt this is the kind of reaction either MSNBC or Burns was looking for. Oh, and it’s not doing the Biden Democrats any favors, either…