Things Still Aren’t Looking Good for Fetterman

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As I’m sure you know, Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman has been a bit under the weather lately. In fact, there has yet to be a time in his congressional career when he hasn’t been. And newly released images and videos of him only prove this more.

If you haven’t heard, Fetterman was released from Washington’s Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on March 24 after being admitted in mid-February with a diagnosis of clinical depression. It was then that a few pictures of him were released by his staff, supposedly to support the claim that he is, in fact, getting better and on the road to a full recovery.

However, as many social media users noted, the images of him were a bit questionable, as he looked quite a bit different than he usually does. Side-by-side photos of him shortly afterward only furthered the questions, with some even claiming that this recovering man was not Fetterman but a body double.

Of course, his staff and family did what they could to disprove the conspiracy, with little to no avail.

The senator recovered at home for the next few days and weeks with claims that he was “in remission.”

During this time, he posted a video to social media about the supposed body double claims. To be sure, it was an attempt to point out just how ridiculous the claims were or could have been.

In the video, he stands in front of the camera saying. “During my time, during the hospital, the fringy fringies really came up with a conspiracy that I have a body double. And I just wanted you to know that it is just crazy. That’s not true! And I –“

At this moment, we see another Fetterman enter the room to the tune of Grover Washington Jr’s “Just the Two of Us.” You can tell by the imagery that this is nothing but a low-tech photography trick made to look like an alter-Fetterman.

To be sure, it was a weak attempt to add some humor to the situation while trying to dispel the rumors.

Of course, it did little for either account.

Neither did his first day back to work do much to instill confidence in his ability to do his job. If you haven’t seen it, there is a video of him taken Wednesday, resuming his position as chair of a Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee’s subcommittee hearing on food and nutrition, specialty crops, organics, and research.

It’s rather embarrassing, to say the least.

Oh sure, Fetterman is back in a suit and tie and “speaking” before his colleagues. But as just about anyone can tell, he’s actually just reading prepared opening statements and such. And none of it is done well.

In fact, it reminds us all too much of how a great many of Democratic and dementia-ridden President Joe Biden’s speeches go.

Fetterman is stumbling over even the simplest of words, continually halting, pausing, and barely making out intelligible thoughts.

As more than a few on social media noted, watching and hearing is more than a bit painful.

It also brings his health into that much more of a question.

Now, to be sure, these points are not made to poke fun at the Pennsylvania senator or anyone who’s suffered similar health issues. After all, it’s not like he asked for those conditions, nor can he help them much.

While we might be able to point some of the blame at him and Biden for allowing themselves to get caught up in the whirlwind of campaigning for positions they are not able to perform despite serious health concerns, what we really should be attacking is a system that allows such dangers to our nation to happen to begin with.

I mean, these men are supposed to be leading our nation towards a better and brighter tomorrow, with a sound mind and wit to accompany them. And yet, neither can successfully even read prepared statements without incident or embarrassment. This tells us that they are puppets for a corrupt party that doesn’t care about the people or Fetterman and Biden themselves.

Instead, all that is important is apparently achieving more power and ego.