Justice for J6 Hostages After SCOTUS Ruling 

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In June, SCOTUS ruled that the U.S. government’s definition of “obstruction” was too broad. The implications were obvious. The Department of Justice went too far in its relentless pursuit of alleged “obstruction charges” in their persecution of January 6 protestors.   The term was adopted by prosecutors looking for a more substantial charge than just protesting […]

Trump Named a VP: Is Vance the Right Choice?

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It took Trump a long time to announce a VP. Now, he’s chosen Ohio Senator JD Vance. Did he choose the right person for the job? Take a quick poll now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

FBI Member’s Shocking Anti-Trump Comments—Drain the Swamp!

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So, the anti-Trump crowd has hit a new low. You’d think they’d run out of ways to disgrace themselves, but here we are. Over the weekend, a deranged gunman opened fire at a Pennsylvania political rally, aiming to assassinate former President Trump. The gunman failed, but instead of condemning this violence, some government employees and […]

Media Turns Against Biden for Claiming He Has Deported More Illegals Than Trump 

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Former President Donald Trump removed 1.5 million illegal immigrants during his presidency. It’s a figure some say Biden is allegedly poised to match. According to Biden himself, he has already passed that figure. How can he claim such a blatant lie is true?  It’s all in the magic of manipulation.  Biden continues manipulating the numbers […]

Attempted Assassination: Trump Escapes Shooting at Pennsylvania Rally Amid Chaos 

Gary Varvel / creators.com
A barrage of rifle rounds rained down shortly after the former president got up to speak on Saturday in Butler, Pennsylvania. Trump grabbed the side of his head and ducked as bullets whizzed by and screams from terrified onlookers rang out. Secret Service agents quickly pushed Trump to the ground to keep him safe, but […]

Researchers Prove the Risks from COVID Vaccines Were Far Greater Than Any Benefits

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A growing body of scientific literature is showing the same grim fact when it comes to the world’s mass vaccination experiment with the mRNA COVID shots. Countries that heavily vaccinated their citizens with this experimental treatment are now experiencing unprecedented surges in all-cause mortality. People who took the vaccines are dying and, in many cases, […]

COVID Commission Drops Bombshell: No More Immunity for China?

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Key figures from both the Republican and Democratic parties in intelligence and politics are now on a mission to make China pay for the economic mess caused by its purported lack of transparency during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is estimated that this lack of transparency has resulted in a massive $18 trillion loss for the […]

Schumer Moves to Defy Supreme Court Over Trump’s Presidential Immunity

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Democrats are mentally incapable of coping with Donald Trump winning at anything. (So much winning!) They can’t accept a Trump victory in any circumstance or venue. You’d think it would have been the end of the matter when the Supreme Court ruled that all US presidents—not just Donald Trump—enjoy broad immunity from prosecution for official […]

NYC’s Controversial Program: Migrants Get Cash, Locals Get Angry

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New York City officials are back at their controversial antics, ramping up a program that hands out cash-loaded debit cards to migrant families lounging in taxpayer-funded hotels across the Big Apple. Because who needs fiscal responsibility? This comes after it was revealed that households in the city are shelling out a cool $352 to roll […]

Lost Track of Biden’s Debate Excuses? Here Are All of Them

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It’s no secret that the Biden administration is in full damage-control mode following the Democratic candidate’s disastrous debate performance on June 27. There have been enough excuses to fill a book, and even staunch allies are deserting him after he failed miserably to make his case for failing a debate that gave him every advantage […]

Tariffs Drain Your Wallet While Filling Government Coffers

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The Tax Foundation’s recent report reveals a disturbing trend: tariffs are wreaking havoc on the U.S. economy. Initially implemented by President Trump and continued by President Biden, these tariffs were intended to protect American industries and jobs from foreign competition. The goal of making foreign goods more expensive was to give American companies a competitive […]

Crypto Tax Nightmare Unveiled by IRS and Treasury: Brokers in Crosshairs!

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In a move to bolster tax compliance among high-income individuals, the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the IRS have finalized new regulations requiring cryptocurrency brokers to report digital asset transactions. Effective 2026, brokers must disclose gross proceeds from digital asset sales in the preceding year, with additional details like the tax basis required starting […]

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is Labeled Racist 

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What is the liberal reaction to a program designed by a national treasure to deliver books to millions of impoverished children across the globe? Call it racist.  Launched in 1995 by the legendary country singer Dolly Parton, the Imagination Library was inspired by her father’s inability to read and write. Robert Lee Parton Sr. never […]

White House Hosts Creator Economy Conference: Why Govern When You Can Go Viral?

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The “Creator Economy” seems like a slick marketing ploy to get people hooked on social media. However, the U.S. government is on board, with the White House planning a “Creator Economy Conference” to bring together industry experts, creators, and government officials to discuss their challenges and opportunities. They claim it will help shape policies, but […]

Yes, Biden Could Be Removed From Ballots, Here’s How 

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Liberals have often accused conservatives of believing the “great replacement theory,” something few on the right had heard of until progressives told them they believed it. However, another great replacement theory is waiting in the wings – replacing a failing presidential candidate with a more appealing one in the few months remaining until the November […]