The Only Ones Who Chant Biden in a Positive Way Don’t Even Have Legal Status in US

Most people in the United States (those here legally, anyway) are typically chanting “Let’s Go, Brandon.” Some don’t even bother with the polite approach anymore. It’s why there are so many #FJB flags all over the place.

Why should anyone chant for Biden in a positive way? He’s put American dead last time and again. He’s not getting the job done, he’s broken the economy, and most people are actively counting down until he’s out of office.

And yet, if you get close to the US-Mexico border in Arizona, this is what you’ll hear:

Biden! Biden!

Eww. What are those people thinking? Well, it’s a migrant caravan of illegal immigrants who can’t wait to get into the United States. They know that Biden and the rest of the liberal administration will roll out the red carpet for them.

They’ll get money for rent, furniture, clothing, and regular checks from the government. It’s the best plan ever. And considering that they aren’t even getting background checked, even criminals can enter to get the amazing benefits.

Americans are struggling to cover daily expenses like food and gas. Yet, illegal immigrants get everything.

There are things that Biden could do to stop this wave of immigration from approaching our borders. He could prevent them from passing, keep building the wall, and kick every illegal immigrant out of the US.

Instead, he just asked Congress for another $1.4 billion so that shelter and other services could be provided. It’s no wonder that the massive caravan is chanting “Biden!” as they approach the US border. Why wouldn’t they be cheering for the man who is so senile that he doesn’t even realize that he’s breaking the country apart?

Sara Gonzales of Blaze TV reported, “They want your taxpayer dollars to pay for them welcoming these immigrants with open arms.”

We all know that this is Biden’s fault, too. As James Comer (R-KY) has said, “President Biden has done more to reopen the border to illegal immigrants and stimulate the human smuggling industry.”

Unfortunately, as this migrant caravan approaches the US border, there are several behind it. They want in before the US comes to their senses and votes Biden out of office once and for all.