Stupid Solar Farm Smashed into Oblivion by Hailstorm

Daniel Grothe /
Daniel Grothe /

A massive 5.2-megawatt solar farm in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, got completely wiped out in a big hailstorm on Monday. How do the environmentalist wackos never see this stuff coming? It’s not like Nebraska has never had thunderstorms with baseball-sized hail rocks plunging toward the ground at 150 mph before. The stretch of the country that runs from eastern Wyoming directly into Scottsbluff is ranked as the highest category for hail risk in America.

Nearly every solar panel on the farm got totally obliterated. Only a handful of panels managed to survive. Now, the defunct devices will be taken to a landfill and buried because almost nothing in a stupid, inefficient, and environmentally unfriendly solar panel is recyclable. Great job, Nebraska!

There’s nothing more annoying than living in a state that relies on these stupid “green energy” power sources. You’ll be driving home from work, and suddenly the power company will send you a text message asking you to turn off your air conditioning during the hottest part of the day because of the “strain on the grid.”

The only logical response to this is to give them the bird and crank up your A/C. The power grid is not your responsibility. It’s the responsibility of the idiots who think that solar panels and windmills are better than hydroelectric dams, natural gas plants, or the cleanest and greenest energy source of all—nuclear power plants.

It’s their job to keep the power on and produce enough power to meet the demand, not yours. Why should people living in the wealthiest nation on earth have to suffer through heat waves with no A/C just because the people running the power grids are a bunch of dummies? We’ll all be living in grass huts with no flush toilets left if these environmentalist commies have their way. Stop building these idiotic solar farms!