Study Shows Trump Has Far Better Command of Language Than Biden


The way a person speaks says a lot about them – that much is a fact. For Democratic President Joe Biden, it literally means that he is “less than average,” according to a recent study.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, does far better.

WordFinder recently completed a study of a number of the world’s leaders, compiling various speeches from the leaders and analyzing them based on their vocabulary and lexical diversity (how many different words were used).

What it found is that “Trump’s speeches have a 26.8% lexical diversity, while Biden’s has a 25.8% – a below average uniqueness among other leaders.”

Now, while the emphasis here is mine, the words come directly from WordFinder. Literally, they have labeled Biden’s speech as “below average.”

Of course, it’s not hard to imagine why.

I mean, we’ve all heard his frequent and rather embarrassing verbal mistakes by now. he constantly messes up common words, seems to lose his train of thought, and is known to slur and mumble on a near-daily basis.

Wordfinder noted that Biden and Trump do happen to have the same “most used word” in common: people. But they also point out that “one of Biden’s favorites is ‘president,’ as if he needs to remind us often that he is in charge.”

Again, those are not my words.

I should point out here that WordFinder noted a number of world leaders whose speeches are less intellectual-sounding than Biden’s.

Elon Musk, for example, has a lexical diversity of 22 percent. However, this obviously doesn’t mean he’s not intelligent. Instead, WordFinder says it suggests a “focused and consistent use of language in their communications.”

Similarly, some leaders rated far above Biden and Trump. Belarusian human rights activist Ales Bialiatski, for example, has an impressive lexical diversity of 56.2 percent – meaning that over half of his words in speeches are unique and “richly varied.”

Suffice it to say, Biden’s poor lexical diversity grade is one more reason why Americans are less and less fond of him being in control, if he is at all.