Student Fails Test Because Teacher Doesn’t Want Biologically Correct Answers

Joanna Dorota /
Joanna Dorota /

What is the point of teaching science to students if teachers are going to take a liberal approach when grading the assignments? Even if one teacher does the right thing, another teacher in a few grades down the way could challenge all the answers.

Biology is simple. It’s backed by real science (not the BS science that liberals adhere to).

There are basic facts:

Males are born with penises. Females are born with vaginas.

Females are equipped with reproductive organs that allow them to get pregnant and carry a child to term. Males have reproductive organs that allow them to get a woman pregnant but they cannot carry a child because they lack a uterus.

Everyone agree?

The easy answer would be yes, but a school district in Seattle would challenge that.

Here’s what happened.

A 10th grader failed a quiz in his Ethic Studies World History class because he used biology as the rationale for his answers.

Question 4: True or false: All men have penises. Obviously, the answer is “true.” Not according to the woke ideologist of a teacher. The teacher claims that women can have a penis, too. What she fails to acknowledge is that it’s just a gender-confused man who just wishes that he was a woman.

Question 7: True or false: Only women can get pregnant. Yet again, the answer should be “true.” However, the Seattle education system is truly failing kids because the teacher insists the answer is false because men can get pregnant. Too bad biological men don’t have uteruses, but it’s obvious that the teacher doesn’t care about scientific facts at this point.

The truly disappointing part about this story is that a student got a failing grade because they refused to affirm the liberal gender ideology BS that men can get pregnant.

If you think going above the teacher and going directly to the school district would help, you’d be mistaken. That’s because the entire city has been brainwashed. The school district’s spokesperson explained to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, “Seattle Public Schools is dedicated to establishing inclusive environments that allow exploration of contemporary issues, specifically examining the impacts of power systems such as racism and patriarchy. This commitment extends to fostering welcoming and inclusive settings where students, staff, and families have the freedom to express their authentic selves.”

Essentially, Seattle is cool with allowing gender-confused students to lie to themselves, teachers to lie to students about what biology really is, and failing students who choose to take a conservative approach to quizzes who are firmly seated in reality.

What a shame.