Kamala is the Only One Who Can Spend the Cash if Joe Biden Gets Replaced

Sheila Fitzgerald / shutterstock.com

The Biden campaign, despite their incredibly low morale these days, is fighting tooth and nail to prop up Old Joe and keep him in the race. Despite all the Democrat Party’s efforts to shove Joe Biden aside in favor of “Other,” there are some major roadblocks in the way. One of the main objects that has them sweating bullets is the nation’s campaign finance laws. What happens to all that cash that was donated to Joe Biden up until now?

Deputy Campaign Manager Rob Flaherty hinted at this when he threatened the DNC immediately after Joe tanked in the debate with Donald Trump. After Flaherty got done calling everyone in his own party “the bedwetting brigade,” he pointed out that any replacement nominee will be limping into September with no money in their bank account.

You want a highway to losing?” asked Flaherty. It’s that.

Indeed, it is. Democrat Party donors had already poured nearly a quarter of a million dollars into the Biden-Harris campaign before Joe’s debate meltdown. As of early July, the campaign has around $60 million left in cash on hand.

That’s a problem for any replacement candidate (other than Kamala Harris herself). Those donors gave that money to the Biden-Harris campaign. Under campaign finance laws, they can’t just give that money away to any other person who runs. That would be a violation of the intent of the donors.

Flaherty is correct in that any replacement candidate following a contested convention in late August would be basically broke. That would be a tough way to face off against the Trump juggernaut in an election just two months later. Face it, Democrats. You’re most likely going to be stuck with Joe or Kamala, unless someone else decides to be a sacrificial lamb in November.