Canadian YouTuber Warns UK That America’s Obscenity is Coming for Them

Loredana Sangiuliano /
Canadian U.S. Commentator Lauren Chen criticized the “disturbing” activities at U.S. pride events following street celebrations in San Francisco and Toronto, where there were reports of “sexual acts” and full frontal nudity. Despite being advertised as family-friendly, these parades sparked concern among many Americans due to multiple incidents of public nudity and sexually explicit performances. […]

Schumer Pushes to Reclassify Trump’s January 6 Actions as “Unofficial” Following Immunity Ruling 

Bumble Dee /
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced Monday that he and other Senate Democrats will push for legislation to remove former President Trump’s immunity, granted by a recent Supreme Court ruling. The ruling protects a president’s official acts from criminal prosecution. Schumer said Democrats are working on a bill to classify Trump’s actions to overturn […]

Biden Admits He’s OK With a Trump Win As Long as He “Gave it His All” 

photosince /
Maybe it’s not all about a democracy in danger that keeps President Joe Biden from stepping aside following last week’s dismal debate performance. Maybe Biden would be “ok” even if Trump wins in November, according to a recent interview following the debacle.  Towards the end of an interview with ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos, Biden’s response […]

Mexican Witch Killed Trying to Kidnap a Baby for Human Sacrifice

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One of the biggest lies that the American people are told is that the illegal aliens flooding into our country are just as “American” as we are. All they have to do is touch the soil of our great nation and, let’s face it, they are now true-blue Americans. Figures like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck […]

Kamala is the Only One Who Can Spend the Cash if Joe Biden Gets Replaced

Sheila Fitzgerald /
The Biden campaign, despite their incredibly low morale these days, is fighting tooth and nail to prop up Old Joe and keep him in the race. Despite all the Democrat Party’s efforts to shove Joe Biden aside in favor of “Other,” there are some major roadblocks in the way. One of the main objects that […]

Democrats Can’t Stop Hoping They Will Be Targeted by Trump 

Tennessee Witney /
The more Democrats talk about being “targeted” by former President Donald Trump should he win a second term, the more apparent it becomes that, in some twisted way, they hope they are important enough for it to be true.  Hint: They aren’t.  Nor is Trump planning a Revenge Tour, seeking to assassinate Biden, nuke D.C., […]

Sanctuary State Begs for Ironic Mercy After Illegal Aliens Took Them Seriously

Jim Vallee /
It’s always fun to sit back and watch the worst plans of the Democrat Party blow up in their faces. If it weren’t for the fact that Joe Biden is destroying the country, it would be a non-stop barrel of laughs to watch all the liberal sanctuary cities that are begging for mercy from the […]

WATCH: The Magic of Coffee
Did you know that there are actually health benefits when you enjoy a cup of coffee? Watch now:

Another Young Woman Slaughtered by an Illegal Alien in New York

Another completely avoidable tragedy has happened thanks to Joe Biden’s open border policies. According to the latest figures, Biden allowed another 100,000 illegal aliens to cross our southern border in June. Women and children continue to be the main victims of Biden’s horde, with shocking cases of rapes and murders taking place in the past […]

Trump Golf Clubs Face New Jersey’s Boozy Inquisition: Will Fairness Prevail?

New Jersey regulators are gearing up for a midsummer showdown over the fate of Donald Trump’s golf clubs’ liquor licenses. They’ve set a July 19 hearing to decide whether to renew the permits for two of Trump’s clubs following his recent felony conviction in New York. Yes, you heard it right — the former President, […]

Trump Will Pardon All of Joe Biden’s Pro-Life Political Prisoners on Day One

Rena Schild /
One of the largely untold stories of the Years of Terror under Joe Biden is the one of the ordinary Americans being imprisoned for lawfully protesting things. Americans watched in disgust as domestic terrorists tried to burn the country down in 2020 and were never charged with crimes. With Biden in charge, Americans who silently […]

Audit: Pentagon Not Sure if It’s Funding Dangerous Gain-of-Function Research in China

PopTika /
The Pentagon has been warned for years that China is operating an illegal biological weapons program. Unfortunately for the American people, our military can’t figure out if it’s still sending our tax dollars to China to pay for gain-of-function research on dangerous pathogens. That’s according to the Pentagon’s main watchdog, which is trying to sound […]

Uber Eats Business Plummets in Seattle After Liberals Try to ‘Help’

Vlad Ispas /
Now that Democrat policies have crushed American workers with runaway inflation, liberal politicians are trying to “help.” The city of Seattle mandated that Uber Eats needs to start paying its gig drivers more per hour. In order to accommodate the new requirements, Uber was forced to impose a $4.99 fee on every food order. You’ll […]

Fix Is In: Trump’s Gag Order to Remain in Place For Debate
No longer satisfied with the results of former President Donald Trump’s 34 “felony” convictions, the left has devised a cunning new strategy to ensure Biden has the edge in the upcoming presidential debate. By refusing to lift Trump’s gag order over the case that landed him the convictions, Biden will hold the power to label […]

Could Paul Pelosi Attacker Spend Life in Prison? Here’s What We Know

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David DePape, 44, stands at a critical juncture in his life, facing the sobering possibility of spending the remainder of his days in a California prison alongside an existing 30-year federal sentence. This stark reality follows a recent verdict from a San Francisco jury, convicting him on a series of serious state charges: First-degree burglary […]