Pop Warner Leads to Two Teens Getting Popped With Bullets

Wolfgang Zwanzger / shutterstock.com
Wolfgang Zwanzger / shutterstock.com

When people think of Pop Warner football, they expect kids to get popped with tackles, maybe a facemask here and there, or a fight. Not one kid spraying two others with bullets. Yet that’s what happened on the evening of October 2nd in Apopka, FL.

Around 8:30 pm following practice at the Northwest Recreation Complex, an 11-year-old boy was getting into an argument with two 13-year-old teammates. As the argument got heated, the 11-year-old retreated to a vehicle and produced a handgun. Watching the video released by TMZ shows, he focused on one boy in particular and shot him squarely in the back. The other teen was grazed with a shot in the arm.

You can see both boys attempting to flee the gunshots, but unsuccessfully. Thankfully, both teens suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the shooting. So far, the official charges have not been made available.

This is exactly the type of stuff Pop Warner and other football organizations have been trying to avoid having happen. Originally designed as a way to teach kids the basics of playing football, it has quickly become a way to keep kids away from gangs. What was once an inner-city problem has begun to spread into “safe” communities and into the suburbs.

Other organizations have been doing similar, but allowing kids to tap into their more “savage” side by boxing. One called “Guns Down, Dukes Up” has been incredibly successful at allowing people with disagreements to settle it and stay alive. Even gang wars have been prevented with these methods.

No matter the way, these kids need to get the message. Guns aren’t something you play with and unlike GTA V, it’s goddamned precious. This kind of action is inexcusable, and there needs to be real accountability for damage at this level. Given how easily the kid knew someone had a firearm unsecured in the car, and that it was ready to go, that’s a sign parenting is failing. Whoever the adult was, they needed to be facing some charges, too.