Paratroopers Spinning in Their Grave As Fort Bragg Becomes Fort Liberty

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June 2nd marked the official name change for one of the most widely known and storied bases in the military, Fort Bragg, located in North Carolina. This change to Fort Liberty comes as Department of Defense officials cow and kiss the ring of the leftist organizations now infiltrating our government at every level.

First announced in the wake of the 2020 George Floyd protests, these base renamings have been incredibly bothersome to many veterans and those still in service. With Black Lives Matter pushing the issue of historic and well-known bases being named after Confederate soldiers back in WWI and WWII, they now want them renamed after black soldiers, US Presidents, or pioneering women.

Fort Bragg will stand alone as the only one getting an individual name of Liberty. Retired U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Ty Seidule explained this name was chosen “Liberty remains the greatest American value. Fayetteville in 1775 signed one of the first accords declaring our willingness to fight for liberty and freedom from Great Britain. Liberty has always been ingrained in this area.”

Yet, despite such an “honor,” many of the veterans who attended the name change did not see it like this.

Instead, these brave men and women see this base and the others on the renaming block as having become bigger than the people they were named after. Bragg as a person was a general in the Confederate army, who was widely considered to be a poor leader, and those under his command did not respect him. Yet as a base, Bragg is second to none and per population is the biggest installation in the globe.

Renaming a base won’t change anything about it. Rather the name change for this one base alone will cost $5 million or more, and nothing significant will change for those assigned there. There will definitely be a number of years of confusion, as it’s been Fort Bragg longer than the people who wanted its name changed have been alive.