Only Took 22 Years, but TSA Finally Caught Stealing From Luggage

Thaspol Sangsee /
Thaspol Sangsee /

Everyone has been there a time or two. That souvenir or collectible you didn’t want to ship home, the family legacy tie, or video camera that wouldn’t fit into a carry-on, so you put them in your checked bag, only to discover them missing when you get home. Contacting the airline or airports never helped; they simply refuse to acknowledge any cameras in the baggage areas.

Now the Florida State Attorney’s Office released CCTV evidence of TSA officials identified as Labarrius Williams and Joaue Gonzalez, who were arrested in July. The duo as well as Elizabeth Fuster, were all charged with being part of an organized scheme to defraud people.

Done at the luggage drop-off section of the TSA check, the trio would target cash inside wallets, purses, and bags that entered the x-ray machines. Going on for months, the duo stole $600 in cash in a single incident. Admitting to their actions, they admitted that $1,000 a day was simply average for their efforts.

Back in August, the duo each pleaded not guilty to their third-degree felony charge, and Fuster saw her charges dropped. Gonzalez was offered to have his charges dismissed if he completed a pre-trial program, paid $700 to the victims, and completed 25 hours of community service. No word has been released on Williams and his charges.

Finally getting caught doing this in the open only gives further credence to the concept of this going on back behind the TSA curtain in baggage check. What was supposed to be a short-lived inconvenience in the wake of 9/11 has now become commonplace. The days of walking someone to their gate or racing from the cab to your seat are over.

While the rest of us curse them, TSA agents like these three continue to get a little something extra from each American. This needs to be a sign to put an end to this corrupt organization. God knows they aren’t fixing problems or stopping crimes.