OH Senate Candidate Tries To Reach the Oft Overlooked Mid-Line Voters

Niyazz / shutterstock.com
Niyazz / shutterstock.com

Republican Senate Candidate for Ohio and Businessman Bernie Moreno is tired of seeing a massive conflict of party values for what he has dubbed the “uniparty” in DC between Republicans and Democrats. Speaking with Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle, the two focused on the $40 billion President Biden is asking for in supplemental funding. Specifically the breakdown of $24 million for military and economic aid to Ukraine, $12 million in disaster relief funds, and $4 billion for the southern border.

“Our simple expectation is that they are going to use that money to support Americans and America. I’m very empathetic to the people of Ukraine, but at the end of the day, I’m dramatically more concerned about the people in America. To try to tie both things together and have one vote to give both sides cover is exactly what’s called the ‘Uniparty,’ and that way, we can say, ‘I voted for disaster relief for Maui and East Palestine.’”

Moreno is right. This “having their cake and eating it too,” as politicians are getting to say they got what they wanted, but having to make concessions to get it done is dastardly. As Moreno led into, keeping votes and topics separate needs to happen. This idea of attaching a never-passing bill to a surefire one just so it can slip through is dirty, ignorant, and a way to make a mockery of the American voting system and politics in general.

Part of this politics has been to pick and choose who gets to do what parts and how badly they can manipulate the system. As he pointed out, President Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland chose someone too close to the party and unlikely to keep unbiased when he chose David Weiss to head up the Hunter Biden investigation.

Choosing to run for office when everything is so bass ackwards is a difficult undertaking for anyone. Yet Moreno seems to be proud to try and change the status quo of the midline voter. By taking away the idea of giving to both and denying nobody, they believe that everyone is winning and getting what they need.

Much like the parents who just continue to buy their children’s love with expensive toys, gifts, and trips when they don’t deserve them, these elected officials think that they can buy the votes of their party by pushing the hardline for their votes.  Unfortunately for them, people like Moreno are starting to wake up and run for office. These strong-minded patriots are willing to have the hard fight to get America back on track and get it out of the liberal clutches.

He later said, “I’m running because I don’t want to be part of the first generation in American history that hands this country over to our kids and our grandkids, and it’s a worse place than where we found it.” The problem is, we are too late for that. The damage from the liberals has been done and is continuing to be done daily.

As you can see in this 2021 video, Moreno has been trying to step up, and now it’s time for his constituents to get him there so he can. https://youtu.be/Ga-Enl-r86k