Of Course, CNN and MSNBC Are Censoring Trump’s Victory Speech

monticello / shutterstock.com
monticello / shutterstock.com

By now, you’ve probably heard and seen that former President Donald Trump won the Iowa GOP caucuses in what could only be called a landslide, making it more than obvious that he’s the man to beat this election cycle.

Naturally, establishment media networks weren’t too excited about the news. And neither were they willing to let Trump’s victory speech be heard.

Take CNN, for example.

On Monday, as Trump reveled in his victory, thanking those who have stood by him and promising to undo the sins of the Biden White House, CNN undoubtedly reported on the news. But only so far as they could stand it.

CNN’s Jake Tapper started out by showing part of Trump’s speech. But as soon as Trump mentioned something Tapper and the network didn’t like, immediate censorship began.

As you can see from the following video, everything is fine until Trump starts talking about the “invasion” at our southern border, which, of course, Trump blames Biden for.

A mere seven seconds after Trump says the word “invasion,” Tapper starts talking, effectively making the rest of Trump’s speech imperceptible. And, of course, Tapper isn’t just blathering on about the news of the caucuses or something. He’s actually talking about Trump “repeating his anti-immigrant rhetoric.”

Finally, about another 20 seconds later, Trump’s speech (both audio and visual) is cut off, and the camera returns to Tapper.

MSNBC’s coverage of the same speech is even worse.

For starters, the insolent Rachel Maddow won’t even show or let the speech be heard. Instead, she explains that while Trump did, in fact, win the Iowa caucuses, and by a lot, none of his remarks will be permitted on the network.

“There is a cost to us as a news organization of knowingly broadcasting untrue things,” she said.

No doubt. You know, like the time Maddow, of all people, insisted that the vaccines “work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person.”

Or what about when she brazenly lied about the Russia collusion hoax?

Then again, none of this really surprises us, does it?