Nikki Haley Invites Opponent to “Join Forces” to Defeat Trump

Juli Hansen /
Juli Hansen /

If you know much about the ongoing Republican presidential primary race, you understand that Donald Trump has just about every advantage, including being up nearly 50 points from his nearest competitor. Apparently, that’s enough that third-placer Nikki Haley is considering teaming up with a competitor to slow Trump down.

According to a recent interview with NBC News, Haley knows she’s way behind. FiveThirtyEight has her over 50 points behind Trump. She also knows that the only person between her and Trump in the polls, Florida’s Ron DeSantis, isn’t doing much better.

But maybe together they could make a bigger difference.

In fact, she said she would “maybe” even consider DeSantis for her running mate (and presumable vice president) in an effort to make up some much-needed ground.

“If he (DeSantis) wants to join forces with me, I welcome that.”

However, she’s also confident that she has enough “momentum” at the moment and on her own to reach Trump and then beat him in the primary, which is fast approaching.

When NBC asked Haley about her chances of beating Trump, she said, “I am going to defeat Donald Trump on my own. That’s the goal we have. If he (DeSantis) wants to join forces with me, I welcome that. But right now, we’ve got a race that we feel good about. We’ve got a surge. We’ve got momentum.”

As for DeSantis actually joining her, that’s unlikely to happen.

When NBC asked him about it, he asked, “For what?” and then added that Haley is a “phony” and a “darling of the Never Trumpers.”

Of course, at the moment, it’s also unlikely that either DeSantis or Haley would agree to be Trump’s VP. Then again, stranger things have happened.

While the primaries are indeed coming up quickly, it’s also a long time in the game of politics until November. A lot can happen between now and then.

But save something major, I don’t see how, even if Haley and DeSantis pair up, they effectively beat Trump.