New Study Proves Natural Immunity Protects Against COVID Better Than the Vaccines

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Now that everyone has calmed down from the global panic over COVID, independent researchers are publishing scientific studies that put all of the claims of Pfizer, Moderna, Tony Fauci, Joe Biden, and others to the lie. Scientists from Estonia tracked 329,496 people over a 16-month period and have come to an inescapable conclusion. Natural immunity to COVID is far superior to protecting against death or hospitalization when compared to the mRNA shots that Joe Biden tried to force on the public. Of course, none of this is surprising to anyone who has been paying attention for the past three years.

The study was conducted from February of 2020 through June of 2021. The people who were tracked were lumped into four separate groups: those who had never had COVID-19, those who had caught it and had natural immunity, those who were vaccinated, and those with natural immunity who had also been vaccinated.

The authors wrote, “Natural immunity conferred substantial protection against COVID-19 hospitalization.”

“Our study showed that natural immunity offers stronger and longer-lasting protection against infection, symptoms, and hospitalization compared to vaccine-induced immunity.”

During the Delta strain of the virus, vaccinated people were an amazing seven times more likely to catch COVID-19 than those with natural immunity. During the Omicron strain, the vaccinated were two times more likely to catch it.

The only logical conclusion that a thinking adult could come to with this evidence is that health authorities in nearly every country on the planet lied to everyone in order to make the pharmaceutical companies wealthier than ever before. The shots absolutely don’t work as well as catching COVID and letting your natural immune system handle it and then fight off future infections.

As the authors noted in their conclusion:

“Our findings suggest that the risk of infection (and of developing severe disease) is affected not only by age and comorbidities but also by personal history of immunity-conferring events and by the viral variant responsible for the epidemic. Therefore, personalized risk-based vaccination strategies could be both effective and cost-effective.”

This is pretty much what all of the people who were branded as “conspiracy theorists” were saying as early as March and April of 2021. Why not give the vaccines on a risk analysis basis and simply let everyone else make up their own mind after consulting with their doctors? Unfortunately, most doctors were in the back pocket of Big Pharma as well and routinely recommended that perfectly healthy young people—and even pregnant women—take these experimental gene serums.

It’s not your imagination that more people are dying, and dying at much younger ages, ever since the COVID shots were introduced into the population. The mRNA technology interacted with human organs in ways that were never properly explained by any of the health authorities or regulatory agencies. No one who received these shots was given “informed consent” by their doctors because the pharmaceutical companies lied and covered up all their research studies. Pfizer actually argued in court that it should be able to keep its internal clinical trial data sealed for 75 years.

The only silver lining to this story is that the floodgates are now open, and the hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of people who were harmed by these shots can now join class action lawsuits against Pfizer and Moderna. Congressional immunity for Big Pharma no longer applies to the COVID shots since they have been found to have been adulterated (contaminated) with everything from broken glass to random monkey viruses.

The bad news is that despite all this evidence of the epic failures of the shots, and the catastrophic harm that they did to people, no one in Congress is calling for accountability for the people who did this to the public.