Networks Forced To Abandon Transmission As Biden Walks out of MOH Ceremony

September 5th’s Medal Of Honor (MOH) ceremony for CPT Larry Taylor will go down in history as one of the most unique and horrific ones to date. Upon awarding the medal, President Biden wandered off stage and promptly out of the ceremony. Even the official White House recording shows him awkwardly fumbling with the medal, returning a half-assed salute, and then simply walking off.

This kind of mistake is not something a sane Commander in Chief would do. A video clip like this going as public as it has is a sign to the rest of the world that nobody is actually at the helm, and instead, the nation is on autopilot. This is not the message we need to be putting out there right now. With North Korea ramping up their rhetoric and their actions, it seems more and more likely we need to worry about where the nation will head with him in charge.

With the 2024 elections still well over a year off, the American people now must strongly question just how fit to hold off the president has become. These kinds of mental distress signals are being released each day, and when conservatives point them out, we either don’t know what we are talking about or we are mistaken. Yet even with no formal medical training, it is easy to see the man is not operating at 100%.

In the meantime, people have been hinting at Vice President Kamala Harris having to stand up and move into the White House. Something she has tackled head-on and claimed that it’s the last thing she’d want, but she would gladly do it if asked to by her country. As she proclaimed, it was part of the job, and everyone knows that when accepting it.

Her martyr-like persona in the face of such a situation doesn’t make her more likable or trustworthy. It sure as hell doesn’t make her more relatable, either. Instead, it proves that she is doing exactly what she did to succeed in California- making herself available to the right people and being a voice only when needed.

As Biden becomes more and more washed up in the grand scheme of things, the more they will start showing her off more. For this puppet show to work, they need to keep their strings tight and untangled. Yet slack and knots are all Biden brings to the table.

His debacle at this MOH ceremony is just the latest sign that not only is he uncontrollable for his handlers, but even WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was forced to admit he was supposed to remain on the stage until a break in the ceremony so he could leave out the side and off camera. Instead, he did the polar opposite, and with a smile on his face.

Much like the senile old man in the food service favorite “Waiting”, the perks President Biden is enjoying include meeting new people every day and exposing himself to small children. Granted, he exposes himself most often nasally as he takes a big wife of the dirt and dandruff of children as he tries to kiss on them. Quite frankly, little is more disturbing sight than our sitting President with a child. Perhaps only the image of what he has done to our economy and nation since he took office would be worse.

For the family of this MOH recipient, it was an honor to see their loved one lauded for her service. However, it must have been off-putting to see him shuffle away after fiddling with a simple medal for an embarrassing length of time. Treating this brave Captain like a leper is just insulting.