Mike Pence Appears to Be Running Out of Steam

Gino Santa Maria / shutterstock.com
Gino Santa Maria / shutterstock.com

As you’ve likely figured out, the political left would love it if just about anyone was leading GOP polls, and, therefore, the likelihood of winning the RNC’s nomination, besides former President Donald Trump. But even left-leaning political outlet Politico can’t fake how badly former Vice President Mike Pence is doing.

Take a recently published Politico piece titled, “He Was Once a Favorite of the Right. Now, Mike Pence Can’t Get a Crowd of 15 to a Pizza Ranch.”

Yes, it’s that bad.

The article goes on to describe Pence’s attempt to sway Iowa voters as we are quickly approaching the official primary season, in which Iowa holds the first caucuses.

Now, to be clear, as the first, Iowa always has a shot at putting up some pretty unusual wins. In 2016, for instance, Texas Senator Ted Cruz won the GOP primary. In 2020, Pete Buttigieg won the DNC primary. But as you know, those wins didn’t really amount to much.

Those early successes were undoubtedly celebrated, only to be seen as the outliers they were just weeks later when New Hampshire began voting.

Nevertheless, Pence is certainly trying his hand at winning Iowa.

As the article describes, Pence spent the better part of a weekend in the state. He attended a local high school football game, even being put in the press box for a while and allowed to give commentary on it. Additionally, he stopped at a number of local stores and restaurants, all of which were announced ahead of time to accumulate crowds.

But as Politico noted, “Thirty folks at Penn Drug store in Sidney on a recent Friday morning, another 30 at the Olive Branch Restaurant in Greenfield that afternoon; 60 at a senior center in Glenwood the next day.”

And then, there was his appearance at the Pizza Ranch in Red Oak, Iowa. A measly 13 showed.

Of course, Pence’s words say that he still has hope, undoubtedly one of his most charming qualities. But if the size of even Iowa’s crowds have anything to say, it’s that Pence is pretty much done.