Michelle Obama Rage-Tweets about Oppression from Tom Hanks’ Mega-Yacht in the Greek Isles

Debby Wong / shutterstock.com
Debby Wong / shutterstock.com

When the Supreme Court finally ended the idiotic and racist policy of affirmative action in college admissions last week, Michelle Obama got super mad. She’s always incredibly upset and angry about all of the oppression that she has to go through as a former First… uh… First Lady, so just had to tell the entire world how oppressed she is on Twitter. She even had one of her servants type up an entire press release about how mad she was at being oppressed. We’re not going to quote from the statement, though. We’re more focused on where poor Michelle was rage-tweeting from.

Right as Michelle was angrily tweeting about how oppressed and downtrodden she is, pictures emerged of her and Barack on vacation in the Greek Isles with Tom Hanks on his mega-yacht. Sometimes people who are as oppressed as Michelle just have to get away from it all and unwind.

She and Barack are so oppressed that they got off the mega-yacht with Tom Hanks to have an al fresco dinner at a luxurious waterfront restaurant on the island of Sifnos when the paparazzi spotted them. Oppressed people have to eat to keep up their strength because of all the oppression they’re fighting.

It’s unclear where the oppressed Obamas will be headed next after their luxury vacation with Tom Hanks. Will they go home to their 7-bedroom, 8.5-bathroom, 29-acre oceanfront estate on Martha’s Vineyard? Will they travel back to Hawaii to check out the building site where they’re destroying three acres of coastline to build a new 6-bedroom mansion? Will they go back to their 9-bedroom, 9.5-bedroom castle in Washington, DC, that cost them $8.1 million?

We don’t know where they will go, but wherever it is, Michelle will definitely be way more oppressed than you are. Oh, and is anyone ever going to look into where the Obamas got all that money while they were in the White House for 8 years?