Media Baffled by 30 Percent Increase in Heart Attack Deaths That Started with the COVID Shot Rollout

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The number of young Americans dying suddenly from heart attacks has spiked by 30% since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines. The media and the health industrial complex are trying to spin this as a problem that started in the spring of 2020 and is blaming it on COVID-19.

That is categorically false.

The gaslighting of the American people continues. A 30% spike in heart attack deaths among 25- to 44-year-olds is not being caused today because of COVID in 2020. It is obviously being caused today by the experimental COVID shots that they tried to make everyone take.

The Today Show on NBC reported, “A national study from Cedars Sinai hospital shows the deaths related to heart attacks increased across every age group since the spring of 2020, but the group that saw the biggest increase isn’t who you might think… The relative increase in heart attack-associated deaths among 25-44-year-olds was a staggering 30%… Experts are still working to figure out why young people are so impacted.”

Who can solve this medical mystery?!

One of the “experts” on the program then insisted that it was probably the COVID-19 virus that was causing all of this to happen in 2023. He said COVID was “probably” harming people’s cardiovascular systems and increasing their risk of forming blood clots. Meanwhile, he ignored the shocking amounts of evidence and peer-reviewed studies that prove—without a doubt—that the experimental mRNA gene editing serums are causing myocarditis in young people.

One expert on NBC even said the Chinese coronavirus was far more likely to cause myocarditis than the jabs. The network’s Senior Medical Correspondent, Dr. John Torres, had a shocking recommendation for young people watching the brought-to-you-by-Pfizer broadcast. He said if they had COVID in 2020 and were worried about developing heart problems, they should get more booster shots!

The report was so absurd that one of the world’s most highly esteemed cardiologists, Dr. Peter McCullough, tweeted, “Reports falsely blames 2020 SARS-CoV-2 infections in 2020 for the explosion of vaccine-induced cardiac arrests today. mRNA vaccines have FDA warning for myocarditis which is frequent and leads to death with shots every six months!”

The truth is that there were no serious cases of myocarditis in 2020 that resulted from COVID-19 infections. That’s why the NCAA Big Ten league and the US military stopped screening for myocarditis. If the virus was giving anyone myocarditis, it was sub-clinical, meaning it didn’t kill them or even hospitalize them.

A new Swiss study that was just published in the European Journal of Heart Failure states, “Subclinical mRNA vaccine-associated myocardial injury is much more common than estimated based on passive surveillance.”

The researchers are now estimating that 1 in 35 COVID-19 vaccine recipients have serious heart damage from the mRNA technology—and don’t even know it!

More than one billion people were jabbed with the experimental shots during the pandemic. That translates into tens of millions of people walking around whose hearts are now ticking time bombs. Two USC basketball players, including the son of LeBron James, have collapsed from heart attacks in the past year. USC had only had one previous player who had a heart attack about a hundred years ago. Since the advent of the COVID shots—which are mandatory for many college students across the country—they’ve had two star athletes drop from heart attacks.

Don’t believe the gaslighting from the media and their Big Pharma shills when it comes to the COVID-19 shots. There are mountains of evidence out there that the shots cause serious heart damage and even death.