Marco Rubio Mocks Nikki Haley for Wasting Donor Money

Gary Varvel /
Gary Varvel /

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) didn’t waste any time before settling into mocking Nikki Haley on Tuesday night following Donald Trump’s crushing victory over her in the New Hampshire primary. As soon as Haley announced that she wasn’t dropping out of the race anytime soon, Rubio wondered how much donor money she was going to burn through with her little make-believe candidacy.

To be clear, there’s a lot to mock when it comes to Nikki Haley. She doesn’t support a single policy that conservatives support. She’d give every last dime of taxpayer money to Israel and Ukraine if she got near the levers of power, and she’d probably drop a nuke on somebody. She was also disloyal to President Donald Trump and never should have entered the race in the first place.

Then again, she’s disloyal to her own husband, so what do you expect? The day after the Daily Mail broke the story about Nikki’s multiple extramarital affairs, the merry conservative prankster Laura Loomer tried to deliver a bunch of sexy underwear from Victoria’s Secret to one of Nikki’s campaign stops.

Like we said… there’s a LOT to mock when it comes to Nikki Haley.

Sen. Marco Rubio took a potshot at her on Twitter/X Tuesday night, however. After back-to-back historic victories in the first two presidential contests, it’s clear to everyone that Donald Trump is going to be the GOP nominee. He’s unstoppable and the people love him.

So, what is Nikki Haley even doing at this point? She should drop out and try to preserve what little is left of her dignity. Instead, it looks like she’s planning to burn through tens of millions of dollars in donor money that could be better spent on the general election.