Maine Taxpayers Pay for Illegals To Have Brand New Apartments

Elena_Alex_Ferns /
Elena_Alex_Ferns /

Residents of Brunswick, Maine, consider themselves to be a bit liberal, but this latest waste of taxpayer money for illegals from the state might be going too far.

As News Center Maine reports, “Dozens of people gathered at Brunswick Landing to celebrate 60 new apartment units going up in five buildings. Twenty-four of them are already complete. These units are designed to house asylum seekers as they wait to receive work permits. That process can often take a while since asylum seekers can’t even file for a permit until at least six months after filing their initial asylum applications.”

Ran through the Maine State Housing Authority, MaineHousing, they will be funding their full rent for two years. After that, some will convert to market rate and subsidized housing. With work permits being processed for their target audience, they are purposely housing these illegals to hide them as the Democrats do everything they can to flip them into citizens.

Surprisingly, they have a plan for the future, but it’s also incredibly poorly formed.

“The state budgeted nearly $3.5 million to provide 60 migrant families in Brunswick with two years of rent. Maine expects the immigrants to “gain the means” to pay housing costs through state “support” and “guidance.” The state is also supplying $100,000 to dozens of Brunswick migrants for a year’s worth of asylum application and work authorization assistance. The legal support seeks to ensure immigrants receive work approval “as soon as possible” so they can “provide for themselves,” reduce pressure on public programs, and help local economies by joining the workforce.”

With the state already having an average of 4,200 people on the streets, this funding could have been used to solve the problems of American citizens, but that defeats the liberal dream.