Lifelong Liberal and Actress Explains Why She’s No Longer a Democrat

Gustavo Frazao /
Gustavo Frazao /

When you think of liberal Hollywood members, you likely think of those like former actress and lifelong progressive Natalie Beisner, best known for her work in The Tempest. Thankfully, she no longer fits that description, and she blames the Democratic Party itself.

Beisner recently made quite a lengthy Twitter post, which included a video, explaining just why things had to change for her.

She admitted that before 2020 she was every bit the typical progressive left winger, complete with support for Wokeism, abortion, same-sex marriages, equity, etc.

“I have been a Democrat my entire life. I live in Los Angeles. I was an actress for years. I voted for Obama, then Clinton. I couldn’t wait to vote against the ban on gay marriage. I supported planned parenthood.” And the list went on and on.

Hell, she was even an “atheist.”

As she said, she was “a Democrat through-and-through… These people had me pretty much hook, line, and sinker.”

She even admitted that she hated Trump for no other reason than that the Democratic Party did. She said she couldn’t tell you why but if you mentioned him, you would likely get a very heated response from her while Trump was in office.

So, what changed?

Well, 2020 came along with its tyrannical COVID lockdowns and BLM riots.

She remembers being “encouraged” by her party to go out and participate in “’fiery but mostly peaceful protests’” while at the same time being told that it was too dangerous for her to go back to work. Like many of us, the two didn’t make sense.

Beisner explains that at the time, she “really needed to go back to work.” And yet, she was told that she couldn’t – all while those she has supported all her life were telling her it was perfectly fine to help burn down whole city blocks surrounded by thousands of others.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, if she even thought about asking those types of questions, she was told she was “being selfish or even ‘racist.’”

Naturally, Beisner had a problem with this.

Now, she didn’t have a problem with the fact that the people telling her to sit down, shut up, and walk the party line, might not agree with her on these topics. The problem she says she had was that they weren’t even willing to hear her out or admit that she might have “honest reasons” for thinking or feeling the way she did.

Instead, they simply refused to listen at all.

For a woman who had bought their whole agenda, “hook, line, and sinker,” and walked the walk her entire life, she said this was like a punch in the gut. She had supported these people, aligned with them, and even went out of her way at times to stand with them.

And yet, when she needed some support, they were casting her out like a bad penny. Even worse, she realized that the party she had loved for so long was actually hurting her.

“So I walked away from the Democratic Party. They’ve proven me correct every damn day since then.”

What she’s come to realize since her departure from the left is that “on most issues, the conservative position is reasonable, rational, logical, scientific, moral, ethical. The liberal position is emotional. The conservative position has compassion. The liberal position has faux compassion.”

She further explained this by talking about a few of their policies, which they claim are there to help a certain demographic, be it women, minorities, immigrants, etc.

But in nearly every case, Beisner has concluded that these policies actually do more harm than good, especially to those they are supposed to be helping.

COVID is just one example of this.

“Democrats claimed throughout, and they claim still, that they had the only compassionate response to COVID. Yet how many people were harmed – myself included – by that ‘compassion’?”

Of course, Beisner is right. What the political left has turned into is far from compassionate, tolerant, or accepting.

Instead, only the right-wing can correctly claim that these days. And Beisner is oh so very glad she realized that sooner than later.