Lara Trump Shares Update as Rumors of Family Rift Continue

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If you haven’t heard, rumors of a Trump family rift are swirling. This weekend, Lara Trump attempted to put those rumors to bed.

Rumors of the so-called rift began in March when it became known that Ivanka Trump and her brothers, Don Jr. and Eric, would be represented in court by different attorneys. The siblings were accused of inflating the property values of the family back in September by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who has had it out for the Trump family since they entered the political arena.

According to the suit, Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric Trump all participated in fudging numbers for the Trump Organization to get cheaper loans for them. As a result, James wants $250 million in damages, as well as all Trumps named in the suit, to be banned from doing business in the state.

Naturally, the family immediately went about hiring a team of exemplary attorneys to defend them. Clifford Robert and Michael Farina were the first to be named.

However, on March 6, the judge handling the case received a letter from another attorney, one who was representing Ivanka. In it is asked for a delay of the trial due to a lack of evidence that Ivanka was either “directly or indirectly” involved in the alleged actions.

For many, this meant that Ivanka and her brothers weren’t on the same page of the suit, and therefore, there must be a bit of a rift in the family going on. That idea was only pressed more last week when that same attorney, Bennet Moskowitz, announced to the court that he would be replacing Robert and Farina in the defense of Ms. Trump.

But as Lara says, who is married to Eric, it’s not nearly the big deal that “people are trying to make” it into. She noted that throughout this entire process, there have been more than a few lawyers involved. Ivanka has simply “felt closer to one, gravitated towards that (one).”
However, that doesn’t mean that the family is at odds with one another or that their lawyers aren’t working together. As Lara reiterated, they “all work as a team.” When it comes to Ivanka’s defense, one lawyer is more directly involved than others. The same is probably true of those who work closely with each of the siblings.

But as Lara says, that seems to have gotten “lost in the story.” As usual, you can’t believe everything you hear.